Husband Matches With His Wife on Tinder & Yeah, Things Get Awkward


Man swiping on cell phone

For those of use who are single, there is no greater dream than the day we will be able to delete Tinder or any other dating app off our phones. Because let's face it, online dating can be zero fun. But that wasn't the case for one husband, who admitted that he felt "lonely" while his wife was on a work trip and redownloaded the app "just for fun." But wait, it gets so much worse. The anonymous man shared that while he was swiping (just for fun!) he found his perfect match: his wife. Yep, let that sink in for a second. Now things are just a little uncomfortable, and he's wondering what the heck he can do to fix this awkward situation.

  • The man first admitted that he redownloaded the app on a "particularly lonely night" while his wife was away.

    In a post on Reddit, the husband explained that he and his wife met on Tinder three years ago, but 14 months after the two got married, he apparently missed the thrill of the swipe.

    "A month ago she left on a business trip for a week and I found myself downloading Tinder on a particularly lonely night," he wrote. "I don’t even know why. I didn’t have any intentions. But I did it." He claims that he only swiped for a bit and then got bored. "It was a funny reminder of that time of my life," he wrote.

    He ultimately decided to delete the app that night, but don't worry -- he found his way back there again. "On Monday my wife left for another business trip," he wrote. "Last night I once again downloaded Tinder and started swiping." That's when he saw a familiar face: Apparently his wife had been looking for some fun of her own. She even had a current photo on her profile, with her husband's face meticulously cut out.

    "I wondered if I should just delete it and pretend nothing happened. I thought maybe a bot stole her picture.... But I read her profile... it’s her," he wrote. "I decided to make a bold move and swipe right," he wrote. "I swiped and we matched." 

    Now this fool wants to confront his wife when she comes home from her business trip for being on the look for someone new and wonders if maybe it was her friend borrowing her account. But there's just one teeny, tiny problem. "Now I have to explain why I was on Tinder. This is just a huge can of worms that got opened," he wrote. "What the hell do I do?"

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  • Forget about the wife. Many people online were mighty suspicious of the husband's claim that he only went on Tinder for funzies.

    "[Original Poster] is full of (expletive)," one person wrote. "(Expletive) downloaded tinder to cheat, but that wouldn’t rake in the sympathy and sweet karma if he admitted that, would it?"

    "Who tf downloads Tinder when they're lonely to swipe? No less when she's on a business trip? You were looking to grab a quick piece of tail until you saw your wife on there," another commenter added.

    A third person suggested an explanation for what the heck might be going on here.

    "In a past horrifically toxic relationship, I did this," the woman admitted. "A friend of mine told me my then boyfriend was on Bumble and I created an account to see what the (expletive) was happening.

    "I also love the idiocy of this guy," she continued. "He’s going to confront his wife for doing the same thing he was doing...except guaranteed she was doing it to catch him and he was doing it for that affirmation he so desperately needs (also cheating -- duh)."

  • But other people didn't see the problem -- this man had really found his perfect (cheating) match.

    "They’re soulmates they were always meant to be ❤️," one person joked in the comments.

    "Maybe he can cheat on his wife with his wife," wrote another commenter.

    "You guys seem like a good match," wrote a third person.

    Later in the thread, the man admitted that he had "no good excuse. Regardless of my lack of intent to act on it, I shouldn’t have been on (Tinder)."