Bridesmaid Refuses To Cover Tattoos So Bride Wants To Solve the 'Problem' With Photoshop


Bridesmaid with tattoo

For some people, there are no lengths that they wouldn't go to to have the perfect wedding photos. That includes one woman, who wondered if she was wrong for wanting to Photoshop her bridesmaid's tattoos out of her pictures. Some people thought she was being way too picky about her friend's tats, whereas others argued that the bridesmaid was simply overreacting.

  • The bride wrote her bridesmaid refused to cover up her tattoos for the wedding, which is when she came up with another plan to get perfect pictures.

    As she wrote in a post on Reddit, her bridesmaid told her that she wouldn't cover her tattoos on her wedding day because "it’s part of her identity and she doesn’t want to just for my ‘aesthetic’ wedding."

    That is when the bride went to her photographer and the two came up with a plan. "I talked to my photographer and she said she could cover them in the photos in the editing process and give me some edited and unedited photos etc. I decided to do it," she wrote. But when she told her friend her plan, the friend was pretty ticked.

    "She was so mad at me and called me an (expletive)," she wrote. Was the bride wrong? 

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  • Some people thought the bride had gone too far in her quest for the picture perfect wedding.

    "You need to either accept her for who she is and have her as a bridesmaid, or ask someone else," one commenter wrote. "Yes, it's your wedding, but you're making a big deal out of nothing."

    "Why do you care about her tattoos. I’m legitimately curious," another person wrote. "This is something that would not even occur to me... how do tattoos draw attention away from you at all? You’re in the white dress, you are all anyone will care about!"

    "I imagine you asked her to be a bridesmaid because she's your friend? It shouldn't matter that she has tattoos," a third person chimed-in. "The fact that she is there and is a part of this important day should be all that matters."

  • But other people disagreed. It's her day, so she should get what she wants.

    'Your wedding, your pictures," one person wrote. "She needs to suck it up."

    "As someone who is covered in tattoos, I too agree," another person responded. "You will have edited and unedited pics. Even though my tattoos have meaning to me, I completely understand if someone else doesn't like them. To each their own. If you plan on sharing pics on social media, personally I would post the unedited pics since your friend is hurt and keep the edited ones for myself."

    "The wedding album is literally just for the bride and groom," a third commenter wrote. "If she wants to pay to have them edited out for the album, I don’t see a problem with that. Brightly colored tattoos might draw the eye in on some pictures when she wants a softer look focusing on the marriage."

    The bride later wrote that she's come up with a plan. "I just think in my photos, all of my bridesmaids will be in the same dresses and there will be me in mine and all of the groomsmen in suits etc. and her arm is just a colorful mass of different pictures," she wrote. "I just think it will kind of ruin the uniformity of the photos. I have no problem with her having them but just for photos I’m planning on hanging everywhere it would be nice for all my bridesmaids to look as similar as possible.

    "But I’m still allowed to want my wedding photos to look how I want and I will still be asking the photographer to try and position them to look not very in the frame," she added. "I’ll just say no [P]hotoshopping."