Woman Gets Revenge on Her Boyfriend by Leaving a $5,000 Dinner Tip on His Credit Card

Receipt with $5,000 tip
ABC Action News/YouTube

Most of us have at least casually brainstormed ways of getting back at our exes before. (Hey, we're only human!) But more often than not, our "revenge" comes in the form of killer Instagram selfies that show us having a super awesome life without them. One woman in Clearwater, Florida, however, is making headlines for getting a different kind of relationship revenge -- and not even on her ex but on her current boyfriend!

  • It all started last week, when Serina Wolfe, 24, was in the news for leaving a generous $5,000 tip to a waitress at Clear Sky Beachside Café.

    Her bill had totaled just under $60, so the hefty tip was a huge -- but welcome -- surprise. Especially to the server, who'd just experienced a pretty emotional week after putting her dog down.

    The only catch? The lovely surprise turned out to be not so lovely, once the credit card Wolfe left the tip on was reported stolen.

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  • The credit card in question belonged to Wolfe's boyfriend, and she'd apparently left the generous tip shortly after the pair got into an argument.

    The point of contention? Wolfe's boyfriend apparently wouldn't purchase her an airline ticket back to her hometown of Buffalo, NY, -- so she decided to seek revenge by taking his credit card for a spin. 

  • The boyfriend, who hasn't been named publicly by authorities, must have smelled a rat, because he placed a hold on the card immediately after the fight so she couldn't buy the flight.

    But that wasn't enough -- he later lifted the hold before getting the card back, and as soon as he did, Wolfe dropped the $5K tip. 

    Oof. Talk about fighting dirty.

  • But here's where things get even hairier: When he confronted her, Wolfe allegedly denied making the generous charge -- so he reported it as a fraudulent charge.

    By then, it was too late for a refund: The money had already been doled out to the server. 

    Meanwhile, the boyfriend told his credit card company that he believed his girlfriend was either drunk or trying to get back at him, and it didn't take long for the truth about Wolfe's "revenge tip" to come spilling out.

  • Unfortunately (for Wolfe), this was one domestic dispute that couldn't be laughed off, because the credit card company had to report it to police.

    Instead of getting a plane ticket home, Wolfe got a mug shot and grand theft charges, and she was forced to hand over the credit card. (Something tells me revenge doesn't feel so sweet now.)

    Police say it's up to the restaurant and the waitress as to whether she has to give the tip back because she was already paid, CBS reports