Bride is 'Gutted' After Bridesmaid Posts Photos of Her Dress Before the Wedding & Tags the Groom


Woman tries on wedding gown at a bridal boutique.

If there's one thing women can all universally unite in outrage over, it's stories about nightmare bridesmaids (amiright?). Well buckle up, ladies, because have I got a story for you. The story, recently shared by a bride-to-be on the anonymous posting forum Mumsnet, had women everywhere shaking their fists over what is surely one of the worst bridesmaid faux pas ever.

  • In her post, the bride explains that after much back and forth, she'd finally "found the one," and returned with her friend for one last fitting.

    She describes herself as overly "body conscious," which meant the entire dress-shopping process was somewhat anxiety-inducing. Finding the perfect dress, though, was a major relief.

    So on the day of the fitting, all was well, and her bridesmaid even giddily snapped a photo of her in her gown.

    (Totally normal, right?)

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  • But just hours later, she was stunned when she came across that very same photo -- plastered all over Facebook for everyone to see.


    I'm sad to say that wasn't even the worst part ... 

  • The WORST part, however, was that the friend also tagged the bride's fiancé in the post, to make extra-certain he saw.

    Giphy: 3ov9kaVYEtoRNGFhy8


    In her caption, the friend allegedly added that she bet he couldn’t wait to marry her and noted how lovely her dress was.


  • The bride says she immediately asked the friend remove the post -- and was floored by her response.

    "It doesn’t matter if he’s seen it, he’s a man so he will have forgotten what it looks like in 5 minutes time," the friend allegedly said back.

    Wow. Just wow. 

    I mean, does this woman really have NO idea how the whole wedding dress thing goes??

  • The poster admitted she was unsure of how to feel or what else to do, but she couldn't pretend it didn't bother her.

    "I am so gutted that it now won’t be a surprise to my partner or my dad," she wrote. "She knew how much that meant to me and the only thing I had asked for was that details of how I will look on the day were kept a surprise from my dad and partner."

     And it's not like she could just switch the dress for another one. Aside from this one taking a lot of time an effort to find, she'd also just finished paying for it in installments and had gone to all the fittings and alterations.

  • It wasn't long before posters started chiming in and were equally miffed by the whole thing.

    Many said they'd be "furious" if this happened to them -- and weren't holding back with their commentary.

    "She's an attention seeking POS," wrote one woman. "She wanted the likes and to be the first to show. You have every right to feel disappointed and hurt. If i saw a photo like that I would think your bridesmaid was a sh*t friend and attention seeker!"

    (Word to the wise: Don't mess with that woman.)

    Another said there was only one of two options here: "She [either] a massive b*tch or a complete idiot."

    While another added, "She definitely wouldn’t be my bridesmaid any more."

    No word yet on whether or not the anonymous poster will resorting to measures that extreme, but if it were up to the ladies of Mumsnet, she'd clearly be out of the bridal party faster than you could bat an eyelash.