Husband Accidentally Drank Wife's Breast Milk During Sex & Now Can't 'Perform' Without It


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One woman is concerned that her husband's unusual appetite in the bedroom is turning from kinky to freaky and she doesn't know what to do. The anonymous wife explained that her husband's obsession with drinking her breast milk during sex has become a problem, and it's gotten to the point that he can't have sex without getting a taste of her liquid gold. Officially torn over what to do, she's asking for help with her breast milk bedroom dilemma: "It’s just gotten too weird and it’s been going on for too long."

  • It started off as an accident, but now her husband is obsessed with breastfeeding during sex.

    As the woman explained in an anonymous post on Reddit, "I think it started innocently enough when we were having sex and he accidentally got a mouth full when he was sucking on my nipples."

    And although it wasn't the wife's cup of tea, she didn't want to yuck her husband's yum so she went with the flow. But now "he can only get off by sucking my breast milk," she wrote. 

    "I have already talked to him about this and expressed my concerns to him because I am weaning the baby off my breast so that means I have to also wean the husband off my breast," she explained. But her husband is pushing back. "He doesn’t think that this is an issue and he doesn’t understand why I feel I need him to wean off the milk."

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  • Quite frankly, the mom found this whole thing to be really weird.

    Reddit post

    But her husband isn't listening, and she doesn't know how to get him to stop. "It’s to the point now where I am throwing my hands up in the air because he isn’t listening. It’s just gotten too weird and it’s been going on for too long," she wrote. "I mean I guess compared to other couples this doesn’t seem like a big problem."

    Now she wants to know: "Am I over reacting? I don’t know what to do. Help!" 

  • Online, some people were perplexed by the husband's new fixation.

    "Never thought I'd read the sentence 'wean the husband off my breast,'" one commenter wrote. 

    And someone else shared that this might be more common than one would think. "Years ago a friend of mine went through this same thing with her husband but the breast milk gave him diarrhea, so he eventually stopped," they wrote.

    "Yeah, I'm basically grossed out with myself that I scrolled so far in this that I've hit the 'that's enough Reddit for today' support club,'" another commenter added.

  • But not everyone is laughing. Some people thought that her husband has taken things too far.

    "This is a problem," one commenter wrote. "There's nothing wrong with having a kink -- something out of the ordinary that turns you on. But when you have to involve that thing to get off, that's no longer a kink, that's a fetish. And if both partners aren't into that fetish, well, you've got a problem.

    "It sounds like just talking about it isn't working, so maybe it's time to drop some serious blunt talk on him. 'Dude, the milk thing is creeping me the (expletive) out now,'" the user added.

    "She doesn't even have to justify it with feelings," someone else wrote. "She is ENTIRELY entitled to say 'NO' and mean 'NO.'"

    "Your sexual boundaries are NOT a negotiation," a third commenter continued. "At the minimum, she should do BOTH, say NO... and then express why. She does not have to negotiate her sexual boundaries, even with in a marriage."

    But one person had a suggestion that was a bit more lighthearted: "Put him on formula lol."

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