Guy Realizes in Horror That He's Been to New Girlfriend's House Before -- When He Slept With Her Mom


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We can all admit that Tinder dates are awkward, but what if you were about to go inside your date's house and realized that you had been there before? That was exactly what happened to one man, as he came to the horrific realization that he had a one-night stand at his date's house ... with her mom.

  • Although the man admitted he lived in a "pretty big town," he quickly realized it apparently wasn't big enough.

    As the anonymous guy explained on Reddit, he had gone out for a night on the town when he met a woman at a club. "I notice a blonde woman has glanced over a few times so I go up to her, make some small-talk and ask for her number as I couldn't really leave my friends. We text a little bit but nothing came of it," he wrote.

    But a few weeks later, the two happened to run into each other "and I end up going back to her house to spend the night."

    Sure, the woman was older than him, "but she looked good so I figured I'd learn a thing or two," he wrote. "All I've learnt now is how to regret more efficiently."

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  • It was only a few weeks later when he matched with another woman on Tinder that things turned beyond cringe-worthy. 

    This time, the man had matched with a woman closer to his own age. "We hit it off and after a few really good dates, she invites me back to her place (I live a 20min drive away)," he recalled. But when he got to his date's house it looked oddly familiar.

    "I notice it's the same one as my previous bonk," he wrote. "My heart sank when I watched this lovely girl turn to face me, say 'This is me!' while gesturing to the same door that I went through for a cheap one night stand."

    "I suddenly see the resemblance," he added.

    Horrified, the man knew that the woman he had slept with was his date's mother. "Everyone was home. I knew this. I had to tell her," he continued.

    But she was surprisingly cool about the whole thing. "I knew she was level-headed from our first few dates so thankfully she actually understood and didn't attack me for it," he explained. "We do agree we can't keep seeing each other (duh) but I really did like her, which can be rare for me, so it (expletive) sucks."

    The man ended his story by explaining that he has no clue if his date's parents were happily married or how he had ended up at the house when no one else was home, "all I know is I (expletive) up."

  • Online people were praising the poster for being completely clean with his date.

    "(Expletive) props man for telling the truth. You're a gem & any girl would be lucky to have you. Sorry about your rotten luck though," one person wrote in the comments.

    "I wouldn't have said a thing," wrote someone else. 

    But the man responded that he tries to be honest with dates as much as possible. "Any excuse wouldn't really work to not go in and when her Mom saw me she might have said something herself," he wrote. "Sticky situation ha."

    Later in the thread, the man also explained that he and his Tinder date had gotten pretty serious before his realization. "We had slept together and if meeting her family went well I think we would've been together together," he wrote. "We had already deleted Tinder for the exclusivity by then."

    "Well clearly you have a type even if you may not be aware of it," someone else joked.

  • But one person felt that if the man really liked his Tinder date, he should have kept dating her.

    "I think coming clean is fine, but I don't see a problem with continuing a relationship," they wrote.

    But the man seemed to disagree. "Family gatherings would be very weird..." he responded.

    "That's the reason for ending it," someone else added. 

    "Should not have said nothing until years from now," another person commented. "Would've been a great joke if you'd had ended up getting married with her. We'll never know now."

    Though we're pretty sure that the man's Tinder date wouldn't be laughing if he waited to come clean.

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