Ruthless Bride Doesn't Want Fiancé's 'Goblin' Toddler at Their Wedding & Isn't Shy About It


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Not every bride-to-be deserves to be labeled with the term "bridezilla" for getting antsy over details for her wedding. But one future bride has the Internet going crazy after she posted about her fiancé's "crotch goblin" 3-year-old daughter. The anonymous woman wrote that she was looking for advice on how to tell her husband-to-be that she doesn't want the "annoying"/ toddler at her ceremony, but little did she know that Internet was not on her side. Instead, people are disgusted by the bride's attitude and are roasting the woman for her beyond bridezilla antics.

  • The bride didn't see the problem with wanting a "no-kids" wedding, including barring her future stepdaughter. And she didn't hold back with her feelings...

    In a post that was published to Reddit, a screengrab of the woman's comments really set people off. In her original post, she complains that she didn't know how to make it any clearer to her fiancé that "I don't want his daughter at our wedding."

    "I put 'no kids' on the invites so I thought he'd get the point, but he keeps mentioning her being there??" she wrote. 

    She later clarified for the haters that she was marrying her fiancé, not his "crotch goblin" and she didn't want the girl there because she was "needy" and "makes everything about her."

    "If you don't have anythink (sp) nice to say or any advice then SCROLL ON!" she wrote at the end of her rant.

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  • Instead of helping the bride, most people had one piece of advice for the her fiancé: RUN.

    "The groom needs to cancel the weeding ASAP," wrote one person in the comments.

    "No red flag exist that is bigger and brighter than this one," added someone else.

    "This moved beyond flags," commented another person. "This is a big, red baseball bat pummeling the groom in the head and he still isn't getting the hint."

  • But some people thought the bride had a point...

    "Sure calling your future stepdaughter a mistake isn't nice at all but I kinda see where she's coming from," one person wrote. "Toddlers in general are wonderful but in most cases they are really [expletive] annoying at adult events. They are unpredictable and messy and make noise and need tending to at random times and it's potentially worse that it's the groom's kid because she could start shouting for daddy if she sees him. A wedding should be as perfect as possible and even one young kid there makes the chances of that drop significantly."

    "What’s wrong with not wanting an annoying kid at your wedding?" asked someone else.

    People should have the wedding of their dreams but it would probably be wise for this bride to recognize that her "needy" and "annoying" future stepdaughter is about to permanently become a part of her life -- and she's marrying her loving daddy.