Sister Has 'Impromptu' Gender Reveal After Brother's Wedding & Doesn't Even Bother to Tell Him First


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Your wedding day should be the one time your friends and family come to celebrate you and your partner. But what if someone tried to steal your thunder and not one person seemed to feel the need to give you a heads up? That was the problem that one groom had after his sister had her gender reveal party on the same day as his wedding and his whole family up and left his shindig to get to hers. 

  • Though he doesn’t live particularly close to his family, the man explained that he was stunned when they chose his sister’s gender reveal over his reception.

    In a post of Reddit, the man shared that his family lives all over the country, but that didn’t stop them from making the trip to see him get married last week. “The plan was wedding at 3. Reception at 4 and after party at 7 or 8 pm,” he wrote. But apparently his entire family neglected to tell him that they weren't going to make it to the after party.

    “It was time to head inside for the after party,” he wrote. "Half the wedding left including my entire family.” 

    “Not a single member of my family stayed,” he added. Heartbroken, it was only later that the man learned his family skipped out on his reception because they had another party to get to: his sister’s gender reveal.

    "NOBODY told me," he wrote. "Nobody bothered to ask if I wanted to go. Nobody showed up to my party. Nobody even apologized for not coming."

    Now the writer is fuming at his family who kept the reveal party secret and his sister for stealing his thunder on "what should have been my day."

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  • People were FURIOUS at the man's family and felt like he had every reason to be angry.

    "[Original Poster], your family, especially your sister, are a bunch of [expletives], and they don't care about you. I'm sorry," one person commented.

    "Without knowing more about your family my first guess is that they don't hold you in high regard or take you seriously," another person added. "No judgement. It usually takes something big to pull you out of the fog so you can get on with your life. This is who they are. Point blank. If you can get over your disappointment this can be liberating. You can't win their respect. You can't punish them for not valuing you. You can move on with your life and surround yourself exclusively with people who care about you."

    "This is something that is ok to feel legitimately upset about," a third person wrote.

    To make matters worse, the whole wedding plan was the man's idea; his wife didn't even want to have a big affair. "My beautiful bride wanted to elope but said we could do the wedding if I wanted to," he wrote later in the thread. "My family all lives spread out across the county. The main reason why I wanted to have a real wedding was so that for the first time in my 30-year life I could have all my family in one place at one time."

  • Some people thought there might be a reasonable explanation for this mess.

    "I took it as they wanted to make both events while they're in town. Spend the first half of the day at one event, the second half at the other," one person commented. "[His] sister is for sure the [expletive] making the family split up their time/visit like this, but I'd wager that they would've stuck around had the gender reveal party not been that day."

    And someone else agreed that most likely the man's family wanted to get in as much celebrating as possible. "[His sister] wanted to get the family to come celebrate her while they were in town, knowing they may not fly in only for a baby shower (I sure as [expletive] wouldn’t)," the person explained and added that perhaps the man's plan was a little flawed. "A 'reception after party,' to me, implies that the bridesmaids/groomsmen/close friends of the couple are going to get trashed after the reception. As a family member I’d assume I was invited out of politeness and it’s going to be more of a rowdy party for the friends than an official part of the wedding."

    "First of all- an after party? That’s extra as [expletive]," another person agreed. "I mean, have one....but don’t be surprised if 75 percent of the people don’t show. After parties are usually just for people to keep drinking [because] they’re not ready to go to bed yet. I think it’s generally socially accepted/known that most people don’t go. Also, you said that your family all flew in. It only makes sense to celebrate your sister’s pregnancy during that time as well. You want three events on the same day and can’t share even part of the time for your sister? I think that’s kinda selfish, [to be honest]. That being said, your family sucks for not telling you what was happening. They suck for not including you and not inviting you."

    But here is the real kicker...the gender reveal party wasn't planned. "Nope not planned at all. Impromptu gender reveal party at grandma's," the man later clarified.

    He also explained that the after party was meant to have some quality time with his friends and family. "The reception was fast paced and eventful. We didn't really get a chance to talk to many people other than the quick 'hello' and 'thank you for coming'. We only invited family and our closest group of friends to the after party. That's the difference between the reception and the after party," he wrote.

    And finally, though many people were adamant that the groom wasn't sharing the whole truth, he swore that this major diss was completely unprompted. "I've never given anyone a reason to have a problem with me that i know of. I've been on my own for the most part since I was 17," he explained. "So this was the first time ever in my life that all my family was in one place at one time."