The Best Sex Toys to 'Get the Job Done' After Having a Baby

Jess Richardson | May 17, 2019 Love & Sex
The Best Sex Toys to 'Get the Job Done' After Having a Baby
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Let's be super clear up front here: There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting -- nay, needing --- to take a serious sex break after giving birth. In fact, we want to acknowledge this so much, we have published a story directly about it (check it out here: Get the Message, Dads: She Doesn't Want Sex After Having a Baby). But at some point, once everything's feeling healed and desire is starting to rumble around in us again, our sexuality is something we want to reach back out and reclaim. 

After months of our bodies being used in deeply nonsexual ways (breastfeeding is many beautiful things in this world, but despite prudes wanting us to cover ourselves when we feed our children in public, a sexy act it is not), we desire a return of, well, desire. 

And there are so many ways to make that happen! One great one: wading back in with a brand new sex toy or two. Before we're ready for penetrative sex, we may still want clitoral stimulation -- perhaps in the form of a cunnilingus simulator, or a sweet little rabbit-eared vibe that just tickles our clits. And once we're really back on the proverbial horse, we may want to start working on strengthening our PC muscles with a toy or two. Sure, they'll help tighten your vaginal walls again, but more importantly, they can help with any post-birth incontinence issues, and can help us enjoy sex again more fully. 

The really good news here is that whether or not we have sex again shortly after giving birth or take some time, a variety of approaches is totally healthy and normal. And, well, at least there's something for all of us to look forward to as we get older. Hey, we're not going to wait that long, but it's good to hear that we really do only get better with age!

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  • Electra


    This is an absolutely great beginner toy for both internal and external stimulation. It's sleek, not intimidating, and comes in a cool teal color. There's a velvety finish on it, so it feels really luxurious on skin, and is waterproof, so take it to the bath, too. 

    Electra ($24, Babeland)

  • Magic Wand Rechargeable Extra Powerful Cordless Vibrator

    Magic Wand Rechargeable Extra Powerful Cordless Vibrator

    The Hitachi Magic Wand has been a famously, ahem, useful back massage tool for decades, and we totally see why: There really isn't anything on the market that's remotely as powerful for external clitoral stimulation. It's mind-blowing.

    Magic Wand Rechargeable Extra Powerful Cordless Vibrator ($140, Lovehoney)

  • Touch of Velvet Vibrator

    Touch of Velvet Vibrator

    This is so perfect for anyone who wants to start off a sex toy journey with clitoral stimulation -- and at a beginner-level price, too. We love the one-touch button which makes everything really easy to operate, and the fact that it's great for adding into partner play or going solo. 

    Touch of Velvet Vibrator ($24, Babeland)

  • Foreplay Frenzy Climaxer

    Foreplay Frenzy Climaxer

    This is an awesome, budget-friendly option in place of a traditional "rabbit" vibe. It uses two different motors to massage and vibrate both the G-spot and the clit simultaneously, and the textured nib that touches the clit adds extra sensations.  

    Foreplay Frenzy Climaxer ($39, Babeland)

  • Luna Beads Noir

    LUNA Beads Noir

    Ben wa balls have been used for sexual pleasure -- and to help develop vaginal muscles -- for thousands of years. These updated beads are made from super-safe, easy-to-sterilize silicone to form "weightless weights" that can bring pleasure while simultaneously building muscle.

    Luna Beads Noir ($45, Lelo)

  • Womanizer Starlet Clitoral Stimulator

    Womanizer Starlet Clitoral Stimulator

    Normally we'd never recommend a product called a "womanizer," but here we are: This little thing creates an amazing, suction-y feeling that offers incredible clitoral stimulation and a mild vibration. Yes, please.

    Womanizer Starlet Clitoral Stimulator ($79, Babeland)

  • Iroha Zen

    Iroha Zen

    This is an unusual toy in the way it looks and feels -- and we mean that as a compliment. The small ridges and texture of the silicone create a cushion-y sensation, and it's great for both external and internal play. 

    Iroha Zen ($35, Babeland)

  • Impulse E-Stim Rechargeable Remote Control Kegel Exerciser

    Impulse E-Stim Rechargeable Remote Control Kegel Exerciser

    Working the pelvic floor post-baby can help with literally everything, from those surprise little leaks after sneezing to stronger orgasms. This Kegel exerciser is easy to use because it's managed by remote control, and offers five different levels of stimulation.

    Impulse E-Stim Rechargeable Remote Control Kegel Exerciser ($100, Lovehoney)

  •  Wonderlust Serenity Vibe

    Wonderlust Serenity Vibe

    With 20 different vibrations combinations, the Wonderlust has something for everyone. The curve is great for gentle G-spot stimulation -- this is going to be on the more subtle end of the spectrum, compared to something like the Hitachi Magic Wand. 

    Wonderlust Serenity Vibe ($45, Babeland)

  • We-Vibe Unite 2 Remote Control Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

    We-Vibe Unite 2 Remote Control Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator

    We love how this vibe is great for solo use or for use as a couple, too. The super smooth silicone vibrator fits between two people seamlessly, leaving hands free for other purposes. The remote control can be used by either party, and adds another layer of fun play. 

    We-Vibe Unite 2 Remote Control Rechargeable Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator ($100, Lovehoney)

  • Siri 2

    Siri 2

    Yes, this one has a higher price tag, but anyone who carries a baby for nine months deserves a sex toy that helps them take control of their sexuality again. This toy responds to music, so set some favorite tunes going and relax into it -- or use one of the eight stimulation patterns designed to evoke music, from reggae to jazz.

    Siri 2 ($159, Babeland)

  • Ora 2

    Ora 2

    Who doesn't want more oral sex in their life? This device is absolutely magical as an oral sex simulator. It's basically able to simulate the best cunnilingus anyone's ever received, and its neck never cramps up, because it doesn't have one. A worthwhile purchase.

    Ora 2 ($189, Lelo)

  • Fin


    This tiny little finger-vibe packs a surprising amount of stimulation. It's worn between the fingers so it's great for seamless, uninterrupted partner play, but is also totally wonderful for use solo. The tether is option, but we recommend using it just to keep things easy. 

    Fin ($75, Dame)

  • Lovehoney Wickedly Powerful Love Egg Vibrator

    Lovehoney Wickedly Powerful Love Egg Vibrator

    The atypical but versatile elongated egg shape of this vibrator is perfect for a lot of women. The dial control is incredibly simple to master, and allows for lots of variation in finding the perfect chosen strength. The wired controller can be used solo or with a partner, too. 

    Lovehoney Wickedly Powerful Love Egg Vibrator ($20, Lovehoney)

  • Eva II

    Eva II

    We're just going to call it like we see it here: This makes penetrative sex about a thousand times better. The flexible wings tuck under the labia to add completely hands-free pleasure, it's simple to use, and it's completely waterproof. 

    Eva II ($135, Dame)

  • Babeland Dahlia

    Babeland Dahlia

    We love woman-owned, feminist sex shop Babeland, and we love its exclusive products a ton. The curve on this vibe is ideal for G-spot stimulation, but it's also been designed for optimal clitoral stimulation, completely surrounding the clit. A total two-in-one. 

    Babeland Dahlia ($89, Babeland)

  • Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibe

    Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibe

    Using both of its little rabbit ears to vibrate, this tiny rabbit bullet is great for travel (look at the size of it! So little!) and is perfect for someone who loves to change the intensity to their particular desire, rather than choosing from pre-set options. 

    Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibe ($59, Babeland)

  • Fun Factory Volta Rechargeable Extra Powerful Flickering Tongue

    Fun Factory Volta Rechargeable Extra Powerful Flickering Tongue

    This is a strong, excellent, fast toy -- great for anyone who loves really intense cunnilingus. It's great for play with a partner, given its shape, and really can take foreplay to the next level. Perfect for some solo bath time, too, since it's waterproof. 

    Fun Factory Volta Rechargeable Extra Powerful Flickering Tongue ($139, Lovehoney)

  • Lovelife Krush Kegel Exerciser

    Lovelife Krush Kegel Exerciser

    We love this Kegel exerciser for building PC muscles and tracking the progress. For people for whom the motivational aspects of Fitbit work, this is absolutely ideal. The built-in sensor measures PC grip to help determine how strong the muscles are getting, and adds some extra vibration for lots of pleasure. 

    Lovelife Krush Kegel Exerciser ($149, Babeland)

  • Amour Mini G

    Amour Mini G

    So tiny, the Amour Mini G is a great shallow G-spot vibe as well as being perfect for external stimulation -- great for getting back on the proverbial horse. Take it into the bath and test out the seven vibration modes in five different speeds. 

    Amour Mini G ($60, Babeland)

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