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  • But other people weren't buying the "pregnancy brain" excuse.

    "Yikes, you can't blame every personal fault on hormones," one person wrote.

    "I've seen it too many times already, people just 'chalk up' toxic and borderline abusive behavior to pregnancy all the time," another person added.

    "Everyone thinks pregnancy is being used as an excuse when it's merely used to explain the cause. Being pregnant doesn't make bad behaviors okay. It just explains why someone is behaving that way and they need to get help," a third person wrote.

    Later in the thread, the man clarified that he wasn't planning on ending the relationship or kicking his wife out: He just wanted his wife to move to another house they own. He added that before she was pregnant she wasn't like this. "I told her many times not to insult me and I told her explicitly to order something for herself if she wanted anything special," he wrote. "She said ok. But it never stops. She wants me to make it because she loves my cooking. She also wants me to know that it tastes like (expletive)."

    But ultimately he must have decided to wait to see if things get better after the baby. is born "I've changed my mind," he wrote. "I don't think I'm telling her anything."

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