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  • But some people were on her mom's side -- the bride should ask for something nicer.

    "[To be honest] personally I wouldn’t bother with a ring if it was going to be very cheap dress jewelry -- there doesn’t seem to be much point really," one person commented. "But you’re still engaged."

    "[To be honest] £15 is a bit tight. Mine was £150 and [dear husband] took payment plan on it and paid it off over a year," another person added. 

    But the bride later clarified that she really valued the thought behind the ring -- not the price. "He would have taken out a loan to get me a £2000 ($2,584) ring if I had asked for one but I've always said in conversation that I wouldn't want him to spend a lot of money on a ring if we don't have it," she wrote.

    "It's just dampened the moment a bit having your mom say your engagement doesn't count because the rings too cheap," she added.

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