Bride Admits to Melting Down Over SIL Announcing Her Pregnancy at Her Wedding


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No one wants to admit to being a bridezilla on their wedding day, but sometimes your feelings get the best of you. That is why one woman is coming clean about her complete flip-out over her brother and his wife wanting to announce that they were pregnant on her wedding day. Yes, she had a pretty strong reaction to this, but does her objection to a move like this make her the b*tchy bride or them as unbelievably rude? 

  • The bride explained that although she loves her brother and her sister-in-law, they were the cause of her biggest wedding meltdown.

    In a Reddit post, the bride wrote that she always thought of her sister-in-law as a friend "and I love her as a real sister. So much that I asked her to be a bridesmaid and she was pretty much a perfect one," she wrote. "Always asking what she could do to help, and always there for any wedding related stuff."

    But it turns out that she did have one major flaw.

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  • At a family dinner a week before the big day, they shared that they were pregnant -- and wanted to announce it while everyone was together for the wedding. 

    Reddit thread

    The bride wrote that she wasn't upset that they were pregnant. Instead, it was the timing of their announcement that got her ticked. First, they told her family at a dinner a week before the wedding, but then, "My sister-in-law explained that they were telling us now, because they wanted to announce it to the rest to the family in person. When they were in town. For my wedding. Literally they were going to tell everyone the night before my wedding," she wrote.

    "I'm going to admit, I was not pretty that night. I ugly cried. I shouted. and just generally pitched a fit and was really petty about the whole thing," she continued. Not to mention that her own mother, who she assumed would be on her side, didn't necessarily see the problem with her son announcing his wife's pregnancy during her daughter's rehearsal dinner. 

    "I asked her to talk to my brother and explain that I wasn't comfortable with that and could they please wait until after the wedding when I had left on the honeymoon but my mom just kept trying to come up with excuses why that wouldn't work," she wrote.

    "I asked if we could [do] like a cute announcement during family pictures at the reception, so at least it would be after the ceremony and more like a part of the celebrating!" she continued. "But no she didn't like that either so literally the only time she could come up with is the night before the wedding when we're all going to be together but she said my [Dear Husband] and I could leave early and spend time with his family and they won't announce it until after we leave."

    Her mom also also tried to placate things by saying that since it was the second baby, "it wasn't a big deal and it wouldn't over shadow anything," she wrote. But the bride suspected that favoritism had a hand in her mother's reaction. "My brother is the golden child and she actively avoids being critical of him," she commented.

  • To make things worse, her brother and his wife were very obvious about their "little secret" even before the wedding festivities began.

    Reddit thread

    First, her brother started telling people right before the rehearsal dinner, so multiple people brought it up to her that night. And then her sister-in-law continuously mentioned it while she was getting ready for the ceremony. The bride wrote that several people came up to her to congratulate her on her brother's happy news at the reception, even though it was only family who was supposed to know. "It was still a beautiful wedding and I'm still close with them but.... that part kinda sucked," she admitted. 

    "So the short of it is that my brother and sister-in-law announced their pregnancy right before my wedding, and despite the fact that my mom said it wouldn't, it totally stole some of my thunder," she concluded. "The real kicker was, she was only 5 weeks along when they announced it. Hadn't even been to the doctor yet." 

  • Online, people had some STRONG feelings about the bride's brother and SIL. This was seriously inappropriate, they told her.

    "I totally agree with you on this one," one person wrote in the comments. "Only 5 weeks along? Way too early to announce. And at your wedding? Super rude and inappropriate. Yikes!"

    "You're right in this situation, that was petty and attention seeking of them. Rude af," another person agreed. 

    And one person suggested a way to get some revenge. "I actually agree with you on this one. It was very rude of them, especially when you did offer them a spotlight to drop the news during the reception. I would have retaliated by bringing my wedding photos to the baby shower 🤷🏼‍♀️" they commented.

  • But some people wrote that they thought the bride was being too sensitive.

    "Hmm I know I will not have any support on this here but I wouldn't mind it as long as it was close family announcing & not some rando 3rd cousin. It's just a happy celebration with family," one person responded. "Weddings these days seem quite strange to me and seem to be super focused around attention not being diverted from the Bride at any costs. I really hope this trend chills out."

    "I'd be hella excited to share that," anther person wrote. "Weddings are about celebrating with the people you love. Having another reason to celebrate only makes it better."

    "Since when did being a bride make you more important that any of your friends or family?" someone else commented. "I think these days people forget that you are the center of your universe, and everyone else is the center of theirs..."

  • At the end of the day, the bride wrote that she and her sister-in-law got over their beef but "a tiny part of me is probably always going to hard a torch."

    Later in the thread the bride wrote that there are no hard feelings. "I do still talk to her!!" she wrote. "In fact we’re still really close. It was just surprising coming from her, cause she’s normal[ly] so polite and I thought it was a standard thing everyone knew... don’t announce your big news at someone else’s wedding?? But we’ve totally moved on. I just get salty when I think about it."