Woman's 'Moral Demands' for Friend's Bachelorette Party Put Any Bridezilla to Shame


Shot from the ground, looking up at a group of women cheers-ing their wine.

Anyone who's ever been to a bachelorette party is no stranger to the drama that can ensue -- before, during, and even after the night ends. Someone always takes issue with how pricey it ends up being or gets a little too tipsy and embarrasses the group in public ... you know, that sort of thing. But somewhere in the world, a bride is seriously rethinking whether one of her besties should get the boot from her friend group, thanks to a now-viral email the woman sent out listing a litany of requests, demands, and stipulations for how the bach weekend should go.

  • The email, which was posted anonymously on Imgur last week by another bridal party guest, is definitely a doozy.

    The friend's post begins by laying out the basics: The poster's friend, Emma (name has been changed), is getting married in June, and to celebrate, 17 of her closest girlfriends are planning a trip to Vegas. How fun, right?!


    Enter, Taylor -- a former sorority sister of Emma's who wasn't even originally invited to the wedding until she threw a fit that she didn't get an invite. Then came another tantrum when she caught wind that she wasn't invited to the bachelorette party. (And no, we're not talking about toddlers; we're talking about full-grown women.)

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  • None of the women were psyched that Taylor would be coming, but they were especially PO'd when they all got an email from her titled "Vegas Rules."

    "I know Vegas is known as 'sin city'," the email begins, "But despite this, I have to uphold the moral code our Father inscribed in our heart."

    Honestly, I just spit out my coffee, and we're just getting started.

  • What followed was a six-point list of things that would not only keep her "aligned with the Church" but also keep all of the girls "out of trouble."

    Numero Uno? Taylor shares that she has not only found a church for them to all attend on Sunday morning at 7:15 in the frickin' MORNING -- but she has also contacted the pastor personally

    "I can't wait to share God with all of you," she continues.

    Rule #2 explicitly states that there be no hard liquor in the hotel room, lest party guests become "inebriated" (aka the main reason for many for even going to a bachelorette party).

    "As this is my first time being 'of age' and in an environment with prevalent drinking," she continues, "I don't want to be tempted by these foul drinks."

  • OMG Taylor, you are such a buzzkill. (And what you view as foul, I see as amazingly delicious!) 

    "I'm not sure how I'll react to 'rum' or 'tequila' or 'vodka,'" she continues, "and I'd like to test these in more controlled environments. Please stick to beers and light wines."

    Ummm, nobody tells me when I can and cannot have a pina colada, OK Taylor? And if I want to do it in the middle of Vegas, while shoving dollar bills into a man's banana hammock as he dances on stage at Chippendales, THIS IS MY RIGHT AS AN AMERICAN WOMAN. YOU GOT ME??

    (Sorry, I forgot for a minute that I am not invited to this bachelorette party.)

  • Taylor continues on, banning all forms of fraternizing with males, as "premarital sex" is a sin.

    And there's to be absolutely no inviting of "random men" back to the hotel room, because Taylor does not want to be robbed, you guys.

    She will, however, be happy to buy groceries for the group -- if you'll simply Venmo her $50. ("The last thing we need is to be famished in that desert heat!")

    And last, but definitely not least, absolutely NO DRUGS. 

    Now, that last point -- no drugs -- might sound like the most reasonable. After all, illegal drugs can be dangerous and illegal for a reason. But then comes the kicker: Taylor's not just saying, "Please do not bring your crystal meth to the bach weekend." Oh, no. 

    Taylor is asking for you to also leave home your prescription meds, thank you kindly. Yes, even if you have ADHD.

    "[Name redacted] please leave Adderall at home," Taylor writes. "I understand you have a medical condition, but as we will not be studying, there's no need for you to take your methamphetamines."

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Taylor signed the email, "Respectfully and with courteous compassion." Needless to say, the email did NOT go over well.

    The Internet has now been having a field day with the email, which has been making the rounds pretty much everywhere.

    Many Imgur users said Taylor should be uninvited altogether, while others suggested telling her the trip has been changed to avoid having to spend six days with her in Vegas.

    Then there were those who couldn't believe what they were reading.

    "This cannot be real," wrote one user.

    Others didn't want the story to end.

    "OMG PLEASE POST AN UPDATE," another user wrote, "I NEED EPISODE TWO."

    I'm with that poster -- I can't stand Taylor, but I NEED to know what happens when she goes on this trip ... and all hell inevitably breaks loose.