Long Distance Love Pt. 2: Tips from a CafeMom

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Semiwife's kids and her husband's truck.

Yesterday, we heard from Olympic figure skater Michael Weiss who is often away from his wife and his family for many months out of every year.

It's not just famous people who deal wtih long-distance love and the heartache and challenges that come with it. Today, semiwife, group owner of Wives of Truck Drivers, tells us how she and her four kids manage when her husband of 13 years is away. Semiwife, AKA Marlana, says she's learned how to be a mother and a father--and she also fixes a lot of stuff around the house. 

She adds that her dad also worked away from home, so she learned that "love can work out no matter where you are." Here are her tips.


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Semiwife, AKA Marlana

Thinking positive is key to keeping a healthy outlook on any situation. Try not to sit and dwell on how alone you are when he is away, but think ahead to how wonderful it will be when he is home. Try to remember that even though our men are not at home all the time, at least we have them. They are out on the road working without us, too.

Being able to cope won't happen over night for most of us. As time goes on and it becomes a lifestyle, it will get easier. Go ahead and have your down times. Have a good cry every now and then. Relieving the stress of loneliness can be a good thing. Try to do something fun and upbeat after a good cry. Put a dance tune on the stereo and bounce around the house while you get your supper ready.

Keep in touch with cell phones and texts. Keep a journal to show him when he gets home.

If you are sad, let him know how you feel. Discuss it openly and honestly. Ask him for his opinion and work together to make things easier for the both of you.

Above all else, no matter what job anyone does, a relationship takes time, love, patience and understanding to work. It's harder with your man on the road, but not impossible. Keeping yourself healthy and happy is the first step to make it great when you are both together.

Marlana says, "Overall, I do miss my hubby dearly, and so do the kids. And he misses us. But as long as we keep in contact and call every night at bedtime, we sleep well, and it takes the stress off him, too."

My husband travels for work frequently, but only for short periods of time. Even so, I miss him a lot. Do you get lonely when your significant other has to be away?

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