Man Plans Brutal Fake Proposal to Call Out Snooping Girlfriend


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How far would you go to teach your significant other a lesson? That was the question that many people had after one man admitted that he planned a fake proposal to teach his girlfriend a lesson about snooping on his iPad. But now he's wondering: Was he wrong for fooling her and getting her hopes up?

  • The plan first started after the boyfriend noticed his iPad had been messed with -- but his girlfriend denied using it.

    In a post on Reddit, the writer explained that he typically keeps his Reddit account as a private space for him so that he and his girlfriend aren't "joined at the hip."

    Recently, he was browsing the Internet on his iPad before heading into the shower but when he got out, he noticed that something was amiss. First, he noticed the screen was on, then he saw that Reddit was the "last app used."

    "When opened it went straight to a private message I had with someone from months ago.... [girlfriend] had obviously snooped," he wrote. "She later denied this but I have nothing to hide so thought [expletive] it."

    That was when the writer came up with his evil plan. Why not plant a fake story on his Reddit account that he was planning to propose to see if his girlfriend takes the bait?

    "To test if she was still monitoring my main account, I posted a picture on a smaller sub of me holding an engagement ring stating I would be proposing on Saturday," he wrote. "Only got a few likes and couple of comments." 

    Well lo and behold, before the day he was "planning to propose" he watched as his girlfriend started getting excited and ran out for a manicure. When they went out to the "proposal dinner," she even came wearing a "long flowing dress" despite him telling her that it was going to be a casual evening. 

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  • But as the night came to a close, it was obvious that there was no proposal coming -- and she wasn't pleased.

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    "As the night went on, it must have become apparent that no proposal was coming. Who takes a girl to Nandos to propose after all?" he wrote.

    When his girlfriend realized that they weren't on the dinner date, she got quiet and angry. "Obviously she had snooped," he wrote. "Today made her confess to looking at my stuff."

    She didn't speak to him the next day and now he doesn't know if he was wrong for getting her hopes up just so he could call her out.

  • Some people thought the writer was wrong for crushing his girlfriend's hopes just to prove a point.

    These people said that while snooping wasn't great, there are levels to how far you should go for payback.

    "You suck for leading her into thinking the most romantic moment of her life was coming and you crushed her heart by pretending," one person wrote in the comments. "She sucks obviously for snooping, and in that regard, she did get what she deserved."

    "Snooping on iPad is a level 8 on the [expletive] scale of 1 to 10," another person wrote. "Breaking her heart by making her think a proposal was coming and then crushing her is a level 15."

    "[Original Poster's] revenge took things to another level," someone else added. "He played mind games, screwed with her emotions, and left her devastated. She may have started it, but OP's response was disproportionate."

  • But other people disagreed. They felt she has ZERO right to be angry.

    "Invading someone's privacy is not okay," one redditor wrote. "She chose to play a stupid game, she won a stupid prize. If she didn't disrespect him in the first place, none of this would have happened."

    "If she just snooped and you immediately went to this solution, I'd say [You're The (expletive)]," another person added. "Thing is that that's now what happened. She snooped, you called her out on it and she lied. She then proceeded to snoop AGAIN. I don't see what else you're supposed to do. She clearly isn't mature enough to have a conversation given how she lied to your face and then did it again, fully knowing that you don't want her looking through your account. This way she got a punishment for repeatedly breaking your trust."

    And someone else had no pity for the writer's girlfriend. "She literally opened the door to making herself look like a fool in the end. This is a great opportunity to ask her 1) why she snooped and 2) why she couldn’t just tell you right off the bat she did it. You’re [Not The (expletive)] for testing your theory that she did it even though she said she wasn’t."

  • But in the end, most people thought both people were kind of to blame.

    "She clearly doesn’t trust you which is why she was snooping. You’re clearly ok with hurting her which is why you got her hopes up. These are not signs of a relationship that is solid, y’all need to talk it out," one person advised.

    "She sucks for snooping and you suck for retaliating by toying with her emotions like that. That was dirty," another added.

    "In healthy relationships people don’t test or punish each other," someone else added.

    In the end, the man wrote that his girlfriend eventually saw his post and the two of them are going to talk through what happened. "She has asked me to make sure I’ve read every single comment," he wrote.