New Dad Says His Wife's Body Insecurity After Having Twins Makes It Hard to Get 'Turned On'


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Your body changes a lot through pregnancy, and for many women it can take time for them to feel confident in their skin after baby. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes sex can go on the back burner and one husband online is feeling the heat. As the new dad explained online, his wife has become insecure about her body after giving birth, but instead of giving her time to embrace her post-baby bod, he's complained that her insecurity is a turn-off and now wonders if he has to have sex with his wife.

  • As the dad explained, his wife recently gave birth to twins and has been feeling a little down about her body ever since.

    Though the dad admitted that the two have had little time for intimacy since their twins were born four months ago, in a Reddit post that's since been deleted, he complained that his wife "started to cover up her upper body when we have sex."

    "I told her that there was nothing to be embarrassed about and she was beautiful," he wrote. "The thing is, I don't get turned on when she does this and sex has become another chore."

    Now the dad has said the problem has become so bad that he doesn't even want to have sex with his wife. Would he be wrong if he took a sex sabbatical?

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  • Online, people were seriously annoyed by this dad's attitude.

    "Your wife JUST had twins, her body is still dealing with hormones," one person wrote in the comments. "Not to mention her body is completely changed in her eyes and she’s trying to understand her new normal. If you stop having sex with her, it will just make her feel MORE insecure. She may also be dealing with postpartum depression. Your wants and needs are valid but be patient with your wife."

    And someone else was furious. "You have NO IDEA what your poor wife is going through, and it’s disgusting that you’re selfish enough to think about doing this to her ... You need to take the time to [EMPATHIZE] with your wife. You have absolutely no idea how she feels, and telling her you still find her attractive will not undo nine months of growing two human beings inside her body, and four months of post[partum]."

    "Your genius plan is to withhold sex because she’s insecure about being completely nude 16-weeks after giving birth. Good luck with that, a**hole," another person added.

  • But some people disagreed. They thought people were being too harsh on the dad.

    They felt he had every right now to be turned off. 

    "It’s his body. If he doesn’t feel like having sex, he shouldn’t be forced into it. You are making him feel guilty for not wanting to have sex with someone," one person wrote. 

    "Man, my heart goes out to you folks. She's feeling body issue stuff, you're trying to work with it. If you don't want to have sex, don't," wrote someone else. 

    And someone else recommended that the two try and work something out. "Your wife just had two babies and has every right to have her feelings about her body, but nobody is ever required to have sex with someone else and if you aren't feeling it, you aren't feeling it," the redditor commented. "That said, it does sound like some couple's therapy might help you both work through your feelings in a mutually supportive way."

    In the end, the writer should try and consider that his wife needs time to feel like herself again. Seriously dude, cut your wife some slack!

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