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  • In an updated post, the man wrote he finally confronted his wife about her party-girl ways.

    In a second post from April 16, the man wrote that he finally had a heart-to-heart with his wife and she agreed that they needed to work things out in counseling. But it was there that she revealed the shocking truth.

    "Yes, she admitted during counseling that she did occasionally make out with other guys when going out drinking with friends," he continued. "On her behalf, her issue was that she felt I was not prioritizing her enough."

    He wrote that he's finally realized that as a husband he's made some mistakes too. "I never bothered (to) ask what she wanted from me," he wrote. "She has been considering a divorce for about a year now, so this might be what our relationship would ultimately come to."

    It looks as if the two might be heading for a split. "All I have to say is that this past year for us hasn’t exactly been the best for us. This might be the most time we have spent talking every day for a while - discussing divorce plans, where we plan to go, who’s keeping what, etc." he added.

    But in the end, the man thought that posting his problem online had been the best thing for his relationship. 

    We don’t hate each other. We both realized we are drifting apart, sooner than we realized. But we aren’t really motivated enough to keep ourselves together. This might be for the best. If I hadn’t posted anything about the ring situation and approached it head on, I probably would have been in even more of a mess.