Woman With 1-Year-Old Says Bride Lied About Having a Child-Free Wedding to Deter Her From Showing Up


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Throwing a wedding can really test your friendships. Whether you're picking out your bridesmaids, or worse, trying to decide who should be your maid of honor, a wedding sometimes proves who you value as a friend and who you don't. This was the problem that one "friend" of a bride-to-be had, after she realized that her friend lied to her about throwing a child-free wedding, hoping she specifically wouldn't show. Now the woman is unsure where their friendship went wrong. "No one seems to know what her reasoning has been for this," she wrote.

  • As the woman explained, she never had a reason to suspect that her friend wouldn't want her at her wedding.

    In a Reddit post that has since been deleted, the writer shared that although she and her friend don't see each other every day, she thought they had a pretty good relationship. That is, until it came time for her wedding. 

    According to the writer, her friend had warned her that they were having a "child-free" affair, which would mean that they would have to figure out what to do with their 1-year-old daughter. But she and her husband agreed he would hang back with their girl in a hotel while she went to the wedding alone. "I passed all this information on to Bride, and got the reply ‘Great! Your save the date is in the post!'" she continued. "I got the notice a few days later, and thought nothing more about it."

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  • But when the big day arrived, she was surprised to see that there were tons of young kids at the ceremony.

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    The writer explained that she was taken aback when got the wedding and noticed several children there. "At first I thought that another wedding was just finishing or something, but when the stewards started calling for the guests to come forward everyone went in," she wrote.

    She guessed that some of the bride's family must have "brow-beaten" her into letting their kids come, so she wasn't too upset, but things started getting really weird when she went into the dining room for dinner.

  • It was then that the bride's sister told her that the bride had lied and told everyone that she never RSVP'd.

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    She wrote that the bride's sister came over to ask her why she was there when she had clearly never told anyone she was coming. "I started again about the baby thing being sorted," the woman wrote. But that wasn't the problem. 

    "She said that Bride had literally been talking to her the day before about how I had never returned the RSVP that had been sent months before," she wrote. "The sister started to worry since Bride had apparently said loads of stuff about how I never made time for her and I hadn't spoken to her in months."

    Stunned, the writer showed the sister the text conversations she had been having with the bride to prove there was no beef. And so the sister told the woman that she could find her a spot for dinner and promised she would get to the bottom of where things had gone so horribly wrong. 

    The writer described that she could see the two sisters arguing, but finally she got an answer when the bride's sister returned to her and told her the truth: The bride had lied about everything. 

    As she explained, "sister came over about five minutes later and pulled me aside -- she said she'd told Bride that I was here but that I had never been told I shouldn't be, and Bride had apparently confessed that she'd told me about the wedding being child-free in the hope I couldn't come, then when I could she started to plant the seed of there apparently being a rift between us, thinking that Sister would tell me to stay away," she wrote.

    "I decided at that point to leave, since it was clear I wasn't wanted there at all, something that Sister agreed with," the woman continued. "By the time I got back to the hotel (only a 20 minute drive) Bride had already blocked my number and our social media contacts."

  • Now the woman is truly confused on why her friend didn't want her at her wedding and is not likely to get an answer anytime soon.

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    As she explained, the wedding diss seemed inexplicable both to her and their mutual friends. "I wish I could know in myself what I could have done, but I don’t know how to broach the subject with her in the near future," she added. "Hurt and confused, where do I go from here?"

  • Online people seemed to agree: This bride was hiding the real reason why she didn't want her friend at the wedding. 

    "The fact that she went around this the way she did tells me that she really doesn't have a 'good enough' reason to uninvite you," one person wrote in the comments. "Most likely the real reason makes her look bad so she went around making these lies. Maybe you are more beautiful than she and she resents that? Maybe you got more attention than she back in uni and in her mind she doesn't want anyone to upstage her in her great day? In any case, this is on her and there is no reason to treat anyone like this. No matter what her motives are, I would not have anything to do with her anymore."

    And someone else agreed. "She doesn’t have a rational reason or she wouldn’t have lied to both you and her sister," the redditor wrote. 

    "She did this because she’s a jerk, and she was never your friend, " another person said. "Friends can drift apart, but if someone was truly your friend, they would not treat you this way. Ever."

    Another person thought that if the bride really didn't want to invite the writer, she should have nipped it in the bud earlier. "I don't understand such people. Why bother with such TRULY STUPID LIES, she simply shouldn't have invited you in the very first place. I mean WHY BOTHER," the redditor wrote.

  • There was one theory the writer was quick to dismiss.

    Many people guessed that there had been a previous relationship between the writer and the bride's husband, but she shot that theory down quickly. "She was invited to my wedding, and I was already dating my now husband when she met her boyfriend so we definite did not date," she wrote. 

    And she did lament the fact that she's stuck without a solid answer. "I don't want to imagine how much worse it would have been if I had stayed," she wrote. "I just wish I knew why, since no one seems to know."