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  • But some people thought the mom was wrong for trying to get her husband off the pot.

    One person thought spending hours on the toilet was no big deal. "30-60 min to take a dump is not unreasonable," the person wrote. "That's how long it takes me every day. There's no way to 'hurry up' unless you don't care about your husband's hygiene. Try getting him a bidet or something instead of trying to police his digestion and subsequent hygiene."

    "You sound neurotic," wrote another person. "Let the man have one hour to himself in the washroom. That leaves 23 for you and your kid. Also, it sounds like you're jealous so when he comes out, tell him to watch the kid and then go have an hour bath. Problem solved."

    "Maybe your husband just takes a long time to poop," someone else commented. "I know I find it harder to make a movement when I know people can hear it [....] Poop doesn't always stink up the bathroom by the way. It depends on your diet and other factors. I'm sure if you were having menstruation issues you wouldn't appreciate being rushed in the bathroom."

    Although we can't say for certain who is in the right or the wrong here, it might behoove this family to invest in a second bathroom.