Couples Are Getting 'Sleep Divorces' & It May Just Be the Key to a Happy Marriage

lucy and rick separate beds

Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball might have been on to something by sleeping in separate beds on their TV show I Love Lucy. Only some might argue they should have taken it a step further and slept in different rooms altogether. That's right -- sleeping with your partner might be the worst marriage move you've made. Ask anyone who shares a bed with a snorer how they feel about their partner first thing in the morning. 

According to Psychology Today, a recent survey reported more than 30 percent of Americans admit that they would prefer to sleep apart from their significant others. And honestly, it makes sense -- sleep deeply impacts not only physical wellness but mental wellness too. Lack of sleep can cause irritability, anxiety, and depression, which impact not only the individual but the individual's loved ones as well. In particular, romantic relationships suffer -- mostly because there is a correlation between lack of sleep and lack of sexual intimacy. 


For couple Jamie and Jeff, who were recent guests on The Doctors, a "sleep divorce" has always been their normal, and they claim it's made all the difference in their relationship -- especially when they were raising a newborn. Check out their story here, and see if you should file for a sleep divorce too: 

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