Furious Husband Discovers Wife Snuck Him Laxatives to 'Help' -- But She Got the Dosage Wrong



If you've ever changed up your diet, you know that things can sort of get backed up ... down there. Maybe it's from not getting enough fiber or just getting used to the new foods, but sometimes there's no *ahem* movement no matter how hard you try. That was exactly why one man said his wife snuck a laxative into his food in an attempt to help, but it turns out her assistance backfired in a big way. Despite helping a little too well, this man is seriously angry that his wife didn't ask him before slipping him some meds, and he didn't hold back with his reaction when he found out the truth. 

  • Things got ugly for the couple after the husband started the Keto diet -- and it left him feeling a little backed up.

    In a post on Reddit, the anonymous man explained that his Keto diet has been good for many things, but not for his digestion. "The only downside so far is I have been getting constipated fairly regularly," he explained. Concerned, he mentioned his problem to his wife and magically a few days later, he was dealing with the opposite problem: "violent diarrhea."

    Sure, a little clean-out can be a good thing, but anything described as "violent" is probably not what you're looking for. When he finished up, "after what felt like an eternity," the writer first checked some fiber pills he had taken to help him "loosen up" down there, but there was nothing that led him to believe diarrhea was a symptom. 

    "I finally told my wife and she started laughing at my frantic story," he continued. "I started getting (expletive) asking her why she was laughing and she confessed she might have put too much laxative powder in my protein shake."

    "I got so angry I started yelling at her and she got defensive saying she was just trying to help me," he wrote. "Do you think I'm overreacting?"

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  • Most people in the comments agreed: It was not cool for his wife to sneak laxatives into his food.

    "That is really dangerous, you don't just give someone what is essentially medication without telling them," one person wrote. "Your wife did a stupid, stupid thing and you have every right to be very angry."

    And someone else agreed that what his wife did was messed up. "If you were venting about how this was all upsetting to you and her response was to laugh, then I have a hard time thinking that she was just trying to help you," the person commented. 

    "Laxatives can be dangerous and I really don't see how the joke is funny," another person added.

  • But some people thought the writer was at fault for yelling at his wife over this.

    "I'm never in favor of displays of temper and yelling," one person wrote. Though that person admitted that what his wife did wasn't smart. 

    And someone else agreed that depending on the volume of the yelling, the man might be in the wrong. "Yelling at your wife is not okay, given that she only tried to help you," the person wrote. 

    "Never yell at women," another person commented.

  • At the end of the day, it's never a good idea to put laxatives in another person's food, even if you're just trying to help.

    Remember: The results may only be funny to you and not the person running to the bathroom. 

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