Man Left Mortified After Mistaking In-Laws’ Divorce Announcement as an April Fools’ Joke


Embarrassed man

Some people love April Fools' Day and other people ... not so much. But if there is one thing that we all can agree on, it's that once April 1 rolls around it's likely a good idea to be on guard for pranks. Unfortunately, that thinking didn't work out too well for one man after he mistakenly thought that a family meeting to discuss the impending divorce of his brother-in-law and sister-in-law was an elaborate joke in honor of April 1. Instead of reacting to the news, the man tried to call his family out for pulling an elaborate prank on him -- only to be met with the cringiest silence he's ever heard.

  • The drama started when the man received a text message that there was an emergency family meeting at his mother-in-law's house.

    In a post on Reddit, he wrote that immediately his "April Fools' spidey senses starting to tingle" but agreed to go to the meeting anyway. 

    "We were the last to arrive and it was pretty somber when we walked in," he described. After they took a seat, it was his brother-in-law who dropped the bomb: He and his wife were divorcing because she had an affair with a family friend.

    "[The family friend's] wife had caught them when she came home early one day last week and broke the news to my brother-in-law," he explained.

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  • But since it was April 1, the writer was positive the meeting was fake -- especially considering how happy they had seemed.

    Reddit thread

    Blame it on the fact that the writer thought that both his in-laws' marriage and their friends' marriages were "picture perfect"; he just didn't buy what his BIL was telling them.

    "I broke the silence with laughter and a slow clap. Saying this was the best April Fools' gag I've ever seen but I wasn't falling for it," he wrote. "I told [my sister-in-law] and especially [my BIL] they need to consider going into theater, their performances were top notch and tears seemed genuine."

    Unfortunately, this was not a joke. "Being the newest member of the family (my wife and I married 6 months ago) this was probably not the best thing to say in hindsight. I probably should not have said anything," he wrote. "Everyone in the room looked horrified."

  • It was then that the room turned on the writer and everyone was seriously angry at his reaction. 

    Reddit thread

    "My mother-in-law, who had been crying the entire time, lost all composure. She left the room in hysterics and did not return before we left," he wrote. 

    His BIL and SIL were also stunned at how he handled their truth bomb. "The rest of the family sat in silence shaking their heads as my wife berated me for trying to make a joke out of a serious situation," he wrote. "I am still dumbfounded. In hindsight, I probably should have sat in silence... but I honestly still feel like I was calling out an April Fools' gag." 

    So, was he the jerk in this situation?

  • The reaction online to the mishap was split: Some people thought this was awkward, but the writer wasn't exactly wrong for thinking something was off.

    "I can totally see why you would think this," one person wrote in the comments. "Having a family meeting to announce infidelity and divorce is... not exactly the norm. They did pick a particularly unfortunate day to do it."

    And someone else thought the writer's family needed to give him a break. "Sorry it was April 1st they gotta cut you some slack," the person wrote. "You may have been foolish (lol no pun intended) to react that way without letting it play out a little more but not [at fault] here."

    "I think it was very cringe-y of you but [I don't know] you clearly weren't being malicious," another person agreed. "It just sounds like a terrible situation overall :/"

  • But some people strongly believed that the writer was at fault for clearly not reading the room.

    One person thought it was weird that the writer thought his family would go through all that trouble. "Although it's probably normal to be skeptical at first, you had to know once the talk started that it was real," the person commented. "I refuse to believe you couldn't read the room at all, and thought all these people got together and were crying and (expletive) to play a prank on you."

    Someone else agreed. "I get wondering if it was a prank. I don't think you would have been the (expletive) if you would have asked differently," they wrote. "It's the way you did it to that makes you [wrong]."

    Another person thought the laughter was a bit much. "I totally get that given the context, it was a really weird situation, but you could have at least dipped a toe in with a cautious, 'Is this an April Fool's joke?' instead of outright busting into laughter," the person wrote.

  • Unfortunately, this wasn't the only dumb thing the writer did ....

    Apparently, his post blew up online and not only has a friend reached out to ask him about it, his wife has seen it and she is ticked. 

    "My wife, a fellow redditor just asked why I posted this on reddit... this is on the front page," he wrote later in the thread. "Ya my wife's (expletive). she saw this."

    At least he's smart enough to realize that he probably will never live down this misunderstanding. "I'm dreading all future family functions. I've been known as the jokester in my limited time in the family. Anytime a jokes fails to go over... this is going to get brought up," he added.