Boy Thought 2 Brides Getting Married Were Real Princesses & His Reaction Is Everything

Kirsty McLachlan Photography

Bea Webster and Emma Webster-Mockett are shown on their wedding day, meeting a small boy at the park
Kirsty McLachlan Photography

Making the rounds on Twitter lately has been a viral tweet shared by Bea Watson, a woman from Scotland who recently celebrated two years of marriage with her wife, Emma Webster-Mockett. In honor of their anniversary on February 14, Bea shared her favorite photos from the big day, which included the heartwarming moment a little boy saw the two brides -- or as he called them, "two princesses" -- and realized that two women could, in fact, marry.

(Aaaaand, I'm already emotional.)

  • "Look at those princesses," the boy reportedly told his mom, as they passed the newlywed couple in the park.

    Bea and Emma were strolling hand in hand, while their wedding photographer, Kirsty McClanahan, took their photos. Both were dressed in head-to-toe white, wearing bridal gowns that, apparently, looked a whole lot like princess garb to the wide-eyed little boy.

    "He thinks you both look like princesses," the boy's mother said, before her son piped up again and asked, "Did one of you get married?"

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  • "We married each other!" Emma told the boy, to which he replied excitedly, "Two princesses then?"

    "Yes, two princesses can marry," the boy's mom told him, according to Bea. 

    To which he replied with a look of stunned awe (as illustrated by a string of surprise-face emojis in Bea's tweet). His mind had clearly just been blown.

  • The touching moment, even two years later, still stands out to the couple, who recently reflected on the day.

    "I nearly cried!" Emma told HuffPost. “My wife was just over the moon. And we were both delighted that the boy’s mother didn’t hesitate and just stepped right in and normalized same-sex marriage.”

    “It was something we will never forget,” she added. “And it made our day a bit more magical.”

  • Gay marriage is still relatively new in Scotland, where it was officially legalized in March 2014.

    For couples like Bea and Emma, small moments of support like this one -- whether from friends and family, or strangers -- can mean so much. But they know that we still have a ways to go when it comes to universal acceptance of gay marriage.

    “I hope that people see that if a child could understand two women marrying each other, then why can’t lawmakers and people who have the power to make a difference see that too?” Bea told HuffPost. “And give the LGBTQIA+ community the same rights and treatment as heterosexual people.”

    With an argument like that one, it's hard to believe so many governments are still hung up on this issue. Or that so many -- including the US  -- have taken so long to recognize gay marriages as legal and equal unions.

    Here's hoping that the more we see images like this one circulating, the more we continue to normalize the fact that two princesses (or two princes, for that matter!) can in fact marry -- and live happily ever after.