20 Gorgeous Spring Wedding Dresses for Brides With a Bump

Jess Richardson | Mar 18, 2019 Love & Sex
20 Gorgeous Spring Wedding Dresses for Brides With a Bump

Greta White Maternity Dress

Some women have been fantasizing about, scrapbooking for, Pinterest-pinning, and meticulously planning their weddings their whole lives. From the perfect colors (blush and bashful, just like Julia Roberts in Steel Magnoliasplease) to the perfect appetizers (the answer: tiny lobster rolls), the details matter to them. Others, are more of that Type B, "let's hit the courthouse and then swing by our favorite spot downtown for brunch" type brides. 

But whichever way a bride chooses to approach her wedding day, it's going to be a very, very special day she's going to remember for the rest of her life. That means what she wears should be reflective of both her style and approach to the day, and perfect for the photos she's going to treasure for years to come.

And what's more joyful than a bride who's bringing new life into the world (other than maybe this cool mom who babywore her little one down the aisle)? It's 2019, and as more choices and options open themselves up to us, we get to celebrate and rejoice in the diversity of how and when we fall for each other and start families more and more. 

Pregnant brides have tons of style choices available to them, too. Some will opt for a more modern, hip frock -- maybe something in silver or gold -- while others will choose an absolutely classic bridal gown, complete with veil. Some may lean in to the beautiful Earth goddess look, while others will want to choose something soft, frilly, and romantic. 

So we found the most gorgeous dresses for brides with a bump, just right for a springtime wedding. In choosing these styles, we selected a variety of options for brides with different tastes, and who are working with an equally diverse range of budgets, from several cool options under $75 up to traditional $500 gowns.

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