Guy's 12-Step List for Women on 'How to Be Beautiful' Is Exactly What's Wrong With Some Men

At left, an image of JA Cortes; at right, a screenshot of his viral tweet.
AJA Cortese/Twitter

I've never been much for Twitter fights. (In fact, I'm pretty much conflict-avoidant.) But after reading one man's insanely ignorant/misogynistic/[INSERT OTHER OUTRAGED ADJECTIVE HERE] tweet, somebody's gonna need to hold me back.

On February 26, Alexander J.A. Cortes -- whose Twitter bio describes him as a writer, speaker, and trainer from LA, but says nothing about him being a certifiable jerk -- dropped a now-viral list for women on "How to Be Beautiful."

It promptly enraged the Internet.

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  • The 12-step list includes such guidelines as: Be thin, be able to cook, wear makeup, and "wear pink and look feminine."

    Ladies, are you feeling as ragey as I am right about now? Because my brain is practically on fire.

    Especially by that part that tells us all to shave -- which "should [go] without saying."


    His original tweet has since been shared more than 2,000 times. And I'm not the only woman it's pissed off.

  • And in case you're thinking it's just all a bunch of ridiculous Internet satire, I am here to tell you that nope -- it is sadly not.

    Cortes took to Twitter the next day to reiterate his message in a live video, which will probably also make you seethe with anger.

    In it, he answers questions from Twitter users and says that it "must be a slow news day" for his little post to have sparked such ire.

    He also said he's yet to hear from women who make a good enough argument against the points in his list.

    (Also fun is the part where he claims he's never voted, as there's "no point" and his "predictive powers" are pretty good anyway -- he's allegedly predicted the last four presidential elections.)

  • Cortes also baited users in the comments section, saying things like, "I have a personal policy that I only talk to women who are 8+s on a 10 scale."

    Yes -- he really said that. 

    In another mind-bogglingly sexist comment, Cortes wrote: 

    "Based on these replies, a lot of you poor women sound like you’re under f*cked. That is unfortunate. If you follow the lessons on the list, you can become a woman that Masculine men are attracted to. Contact me to learn how to be beautiful."

    (Why thank you, J.A., I'll be sure to contact you immediately ... )
  • “Remember, only a man can tell a woman how to act," he adds. "You can use this list to vet women."

    Furthermore, he says, "If you show them this list and they become angry, that lets you know that they are harpies that you never want to breed with and that they would be terrible mothers."

  • It wasn't long before women (rightfully) bit back, tweeting things like, “How to be a beautiful man: Don’t be Alexander J.A. Cortes."

    Another shot back that his list should have really been called "How to be a Single Guy Forever." 

    "He's going to make an inflatable doll very happy one day," another tweeted.

    And another woman, after dissing his list, dubbed him "Walmart Fabio" -- which honestly, feels pretty dead-on to me.

  • Many were left speechless, and could only manage to convey their sentiments in GIF form.

    My sentiments exactly. (In fact, BRB while I go vomit some pink glitter myself.)

  • Others couldn't shrug his sexist comments off so easily.

    "Are we living in 2019 or 1949?" wrote one user.

    "Horrifying that people with these sorts of beliefs actually exist outside of bad self-published fiction," wrote another.

    To that I couldn't agree more.

    Cortes's comments sure are a glaring reminder that toxic masculinity isn't just alive and well, but it also has a bright and shiny platform, thanks to Twitter. There were plenty of users who affirmed his tweet, writing things like "right on, bro" or replying in agreement with GIFs.

    The sad truth of the matter is, the more headlines Cortes makes, the more his message spreads. Hopefully though, we're now raising our boys with enough presence of mind to see through this kind of sexist rhetoric. I know I for one can't wait to see the day when dudes like this are as extinct as their caveman-like values.