Woman Seeks Legal Advice Over a Prenup That Requires Her to Lose All Gained Baby Weight



Getting married is kind of a big deal. That is why more and more couples are resorting to prenuptial agreements to keep things all neat and tidy -- or so one would think. The reality is that sometimes these legal documents can bring out strange, nitpicky things in a relationship. One woman learned this the hard way after her fiancé asked her to sign a prenup that had some questionable clauses.

  • In a post online, the woman wrote that when her "successful" fiancé asked her to sign a prenup she wasn't totally surprised.

    In a post on Reddit, the woman noted that she's "all for" prenups, so she willingly sat down with her fiancé's dad, who is a lawyer, to go over the details. The problem is, some of the clauses in the agreement are sort of "odd" to her, including an infidelity clause discouraging her from cheating on him, compensation for each child that they have together, and at a particularly cringe-y point, the document event stipulates that the woman must lose at least 30 pounds of any weight she puts on after she gives birth. 

    "My main question is are all these clauses enforceable in court?" she asked. "I haven't signed yet and would like to get insight from someone other than my future father-in-law as I feel he may mislead me if his son were to benefit from it."

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  • People had SEVERAL problems with this agreement and urged her to get her own lawyer before she signs anything.

  • Your fiancé's dad is not YOUR lawyer, one person reminded her.

    This person also pointed out that it was bad practice for her fiancé's dad to be working on behalf of both his son and his soon-to-be daughter-in-law. "Lawyer up. You cannot afford not to," they wrote.

  • Another person commented that a prenup needs to protect both parties, not just the rich husband.

  • A third person wrote that if her husband wants her to keep her pre-baby body, then she should make him pay for her to maintain her weight.

    Later in the thread, the woman explained that the baby-weight clause means that she must weigh herself pre-birth, peak-pregnancy, post-birth "and then an annual weigh-in to see if I have complied."

    She also clarified that according to the clause if she happened to gain 40 pounds during her pregnancy, "I'd have to lose at least 30 lbs. of it in the first year, then the rest [of the weight] the year following, unless I get pregnant again and then it's gonna be added to the next child birth weight."

    And if that weren't infuriating enough, the woman wrote that even if she only gained 25 pounds during her pregnancy, "I'd still have to lose that (30 lbs.) in the first year." 

    If you're worried that this is slightly unfair, don't worry her betrothed isn't a total monster. "He excludes weight gain from medical conditions as well in the contract," she added. What a gem. 

  • In the end, the thread proved to be helpful to the woman. She decided that she's going to get her own representation and go to town on that prenup.

  • She wrote that she's going to make sure that the infidelity clause and the weight loss clause will "go both ways."

    "Some of the clauses are too beneficial to one party," she wrote.

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