Bridezilla Wants to Fire Her Maid of Honor With Cancer for 'Slacking'


Unfortunately, we've all seen women who let their impending nuptials get to their heads. Maybe they demand that their bridesmaids wear the *perfect* shade dress -- even if they can't afford it -- or perhaps they'd like all of the groomsmen to invest in custom tuxedos. Whatever the case may be, few of these bridezillas would top one woman who wanted to ask her cancer-stricken maid of honor to leave her bridal party because "she hasn't taken part" in enough. 

  • Although the bride says she knows that her MOH has cancer, she seems to have zero empathy for her when she's too tired to participate.

    In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, the bride wrote that she was looking for advice on how to handle "a good friend" who has cancer but "won't help with ANYTHING." Sure, the bride doesn't expect much from her given her illness, but would it be too much to ask that her friend goes to wedding events, picks out a dress, and helps the bride with her own dress shopping?

    Did we mention this person has cancer? CANCER, the disease that notoriously not only takes a toll on your body but also can certainly make you feel a little disinterested with the minutiae of life.

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  • The bride even complained that her friend was slacking when it came to her bachelorette party.

    Lady, this argument just isn't going to help your case.

  • Online people were livid that this bride couldn't understand what her friend was going through.

  • One person wrote that she was sure the bride never asked her friend how she was doing.

    Friend going through chemo > wedding planning, the commenter argued.

  • And another person pointed out that cancer makes you feel incredibly weak and tired.

    Her friend is most likely not picking and choosing when she's too tired to do something, but if this bride needs someone to be more involved she might just want to ask a different friend to help pick up the slack.

  • A third person commented that most people think chemo is a "fun day trip" but it's really, really not.

    "Lots of people in these comments thinking chemo/radiotherapy is just a fun day trip to the hospital before you pop off to get your head shaved," this Facebook user wrote, "instead of one of the most physically, emotionally and mentally taxing things a human being can go through."

    She added that this bride needs to let her friend do whatever the heck she wants, be it concerts, wrestling matches, or even spending all of her time napping and taking care of herself. "Every day thank your dumb good luck for your cancer-free body, you utter waste of skin and air," the person added.