Man Proposes With His Grandma's Ring & His Fiancée's Rant Proves How Much She Hates It

Engagement ring

You hope that by the time an engagement is coming that your significant other knows you well enough to get the perfect ring. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case and some ladies have ended up with what they consider real duds. Take one woman who felt like her boyfriend proposed with a straight-up clunker of a ring, which led the her to blast him in a private Facebook group. Although many get what she's missing -- that marriage is about more than just a ring -- others are just flabbergasted that he could've given her such an "ugly" piece of jewelry.

  • The woman explained that when her boyfriend pulled the ring out of his pocket, she was about to ask him if he was joking.

    The bride-to-be wrote that when her boyfriend proposed, it took "everything in me to not laugh." Although she's gotten used to it over the past few days. "I definitely wish it was something different, but oh was his grandmother's and the pearl is my birthstone...I think that's the only reason I've been able to tolerate it," she added. 

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  • And although she's "come to terms with it," some had more of a problem with her -- than her heirloom ring. 

    An anonymous user reposted the diss to Reddit and criticized her for blasting her boyfriend online.

  • Many people agreed that this lady was being a jerk -- and completely ungrateful. 

  • One person thought the woman's fiancé needs to get the heck out of that relationship.

  • Someone else thought it was "trashy" to air her feelings on Facebook. 

  • And although someone else understood where she was coming from, even she agreed that taking it to Facebook was too far.

  • But some people thought that it was harsh to be so critical of this disappointed bride-to-be.

  • One person pointed out that the woman posted in a Facebook group meant for engagement rings -- so that's not too bad, right?

    The redditor also said that it was most likely not on her timeline so his family probably wouldn't see it.

  • And another person stuck up for her that she was just venting because she loved her partner "who just happened to make unfortunate choices."

    It's not fair to judge her too harshly, the person explained.

  • Someone else shared the fiancé simply needs to know the truth: A pearl is not the right stone for an engagement ring.

  • Despite the sentimental value and what it stands for, most did seem to agree on one thing...