Bride Finds Out on Wedding Night That Her New Husband Was Hiding a 'Little' Secret



Your wedding night should be special for so many reasons, but for people who've decided to wait until marriage to do the deed, it takes on a whole other level of significance. So imagine the surprise that one bride felt when she and her new husband were finally about to have sex and in that moment, she realized why her man felt so strongly about waiting until after they were married. Let's just say that her new husband wasn't exactly packing heat and instead was rocking a micropenis. "It's about an inch and a quarter," she lamented. 

  • The newlywed explained that while they were dating, her now husband always told her he was "old fashioned" so he wanted to wait to have sex. But now, she thinks he was lying.

    In her post on Reddit, the woman explained that after six months of dating and another 6 months of being engaged, she didn't really doubt her new husband's intentions for why he wanted to put off getting too intimate. Although he wasn't religious, she chose to accept his wishes and never pushed him to go "too far" when they fooled around. 

    However, the bride had her own record-scratch moment when she and her man finally got down to business during their honeymoon and realized he might have had a different reason for wanting to delay the action while they were only dating. In fact, the bride wrote that her new man " just surprised me with micropenis on the honeymoon."

    Obviously, it's not cool to blast someone for not being well-endowed and the bride agreed that she was "not going to shame him and honestly I don't even know how I'll broach the topic." But the omission feels sort of like a deceit to her. "I kind of feel lied to," she admitted. "Like a half-truth ... or something was intentionally withheld from me."

    "Am I the asshole for reading into this and being upset that I waited until my wedding night to find out that he probably isn't as 'old fashioned' as he says he is?" she asked.

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  • Online people were not amused by the possibility that the bride's husband might have lied.

  • "Buckle up cause you just married a stranger," one person commented. 

  • Another person thought her husband's "deliberate move to keep her in the dark" was no laughing matter.

    They felt it was pretty manipulative of the guy. 

  • A third person commented that the lie is a big deal because you need to know if you're sexually compatible. 

    Tiny or not, having chemistry with your partner is important and creating distrust from the get-go is also a surefire way to mess with your connection. The original poster later wrote that even after she woke up from her first night back from her honeymoon she was "kind of in shock still" from the whole thing.

  • Of course, some people took the opportunity to flood the her inbox with d*ck pics. 

    Not helpful, people! 

  • If there's a lesson to be learned from this whole thing, this person probably explained it best.

    Or, you know, talk to your partner about things like this before you get hitched!