Husband Wants to Divorce His Wife for Getting Pregnant With Their Second Baby


dad and newborn

A dad is getting ripped to shreds after he admitted that he never wanted to have a second child and he still isn't over it. In a touchy thread on Reddit, the anonymous father got real about how much he resents his wife for getting pregnant again. He shared that things have been bad since the baby was born and he's now considering divorce because he sees the situation as completely her fault. However, people online are straight up hating on the dad, arguing that he is just as responsible for baby number two as his wife.

  • According to the dad, he knew that he hated being a parent after the birth of his first child.

    Parenting is certainly not for everyone, but as the dad explained in his post, once he knew he wasn't up for the task, he asked his wife never to get pregnant again. Of course, things happen and after his wife told him she would not terminate her second pregnancy, he is still blaming her for their child. 

    "Now, 2 years on after the birth of our second, I still resent my wife," he wrote. "Am I the *sshole for wanting to divorce my wife for the birth of our second child?"

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  • Overwhelmingly, people seemed to agree that this guy was terrible for blaming his wife. 

  • One person told him that if he didn't want to have more kids, HE should have been the one to take care of it.

  • And someone else commented that he needs to just accept that he has two kids and move on with his life.

  • But most agreed that dad needs to be responsible for his own actions and "step it up."

  • However, some people pointed out that the questions is whether he is entitled to a divorce.

    Not whether he is a bad person for not wanting another kid.

  • Falling out of love doesn't make you an *sshole, one person commented.

  • Someone else wrote that his wife is to blame because she "ignored" his wishes.

  • And another person agreed that while it was his wife's choice to have a second kid, it's his to divorce her over it.

    In the end, we may never know what the dad is going to do in this tricky situation, but we hope that he at least has a conversation with his wife and tries to work it out before doing anything drastic.