Bride Surprises Guests & Bans Kids from Her Destination Wedding -- 20 Minutes Before the Ceremony


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We all want the perfect wedding day, but as anyone who's had one will tell you, you need to be absolutely clear with your wedding party on what you're expecting. Take it from one sister-of-the-bride, who is now on the receiving end of the cold shoulder after she broke her sister's "no kids" rule, (which by the way was only set minutes before the ceremony). Frustrated, the sister took the Internet to vent about the diss and admitted that because of their disagreement, her sister has now blocked her number.

  • The sister explained that this whole mess started when the bride made a change to the wedding plans 20 minutes before the ceremony.

    According to, the wedding was being held abroad in the Dominican Republic but on the day of the big event, the bride sprung a "no kids" rule on her guests. Instead of welcoming the little ones, she offered to have the kids watched by an offsite childcare center she had arranged. 

    Online, the bride's sister explained that no one seemed prepared for this change in plan and not everyone was comfortable with it. "My other sisters and I meet in the lobby area with our kids and start walking to the outdoor ceremony area. We get stopped by her wedding coordinator. She says, ‘Should I go ahead and call the transit to childcare now? Is everyone here?" the sister wrote on Facebook. 

    Confused, the sister asked her to clarify, which was when she was told that the bride had officially made it a kid-free event. 

    "I tell her that it was way too late for her to make that decision. We’ve all paid thousands of dollars extra to bring our kids so they could see their aunt get married and they all had their own invitations,” she continued.

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  • But things only got worse when the sister asked to speak to the bride.

    The wedding planner was adamant that no kids were going to be allowed to attend the event, so the sister asked to speak to the bride but was blocked from doing so by one of the bridesmaids. Eventually, the sister did get through to her, but when the two of them hashed it out things got ugly.

    "[The bride] goes into a whole rant about how plenty of people have child-free weddings, and just because we are related to her we shouldn’t be an exception,” the sister vented. Although, the bride "totally ignored” the fact that she had decided to do this without telling anyone.

    "I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone," the sister wrote. "The girl just stared at me blankly with the strangest body language I’ve ever seen. At this point, I’m just beyond livid and decide that if this is how she wants to handle things, I’m not going to her wedding.” 

  • Not wanting to leave her daughter with a stranger, the sister offered to stay behind and watch all of the kids during the ceremony.

    "I go back to the room with all my nieces and daughter, rented a movie, salvaged some snacks from the vending machines, and had a blast," the sister wrote. But apparently the bride couldn't let the issue go. When the sister looked at her phone, she saw a bunch of messages from one of the bridesmaids telling her not to contact the bride, as the whole thing had been "extremely stressful for her."

    The bridesmaid also asked her why the childcare they had arranged wasn't good enough for her and said that if she really cared about her sister she would have just gone with the flow or arranged to have another babysitter she felt more comfortable with. 

    “Of course, [she was] still failing to realize that we didn’t know any of this until 20 minutes before the ceremony," said the sister. "She says that I should have assumed this might happen because all of her pre-wedding events were child-free (her two showers, etc) which would have been valid had she not sent my daughter an actual invitation to RSVP with.”

    But it was too little, too late. The bride has refused to speak to her sister since her wedding day, and when the sister returned home from her trip, she saw that the bride had “removed me from every social media platform. I tried to call her, and it goes straight to voicemail so I’m guessing she blocked me.”

    “At this point, of course I’m extremely frustrated, but my daughter also got her feelings hurt and thinks that her aunt doesn’t love her anymore,” she wrote at the end.

  • Online, people were p*ssed at the bride on the sister's behalf.

  • "Wait until she is a mother," one person commented.

  • And someone else wrote that even though they can understand wanting the day to be child-free, it should have been mentioned before the wedding.

  • Here's hoping that the bride will quickly come to her senses!