Woman Discovers Boyfriend Secretly Saved His Ex's Used Tampons as 'Keepsakes'



The best way to get to know someone who you're newly dating is to spend time with that person -- or snoop through that person's stuff. But fortunately (or unfortunately if she has a weak stomach), one woman learned more about the new man in her life than she ever wanted to when she took advantage of some alone time in his apartment. Instead of finding a hidden mess or some embarrassing photos, she unearthed something juicier: a jar of his ex girlfriend's used tampons. 

  • The anonymous woman started off by explaining that she had only been dating this guy for a few weeks when she innocently did some digging.  

    In the jaw-dropping Reddit post, she shared that she's still trying to wrap her head around exactly what happened. "I was at this guy's apartment after we had seen a movie and he went out to the store to get us some condoms, as he realized he didn't have any," she wrote. "I know its bad to snoop but i felt like i wanted to get to know him better..."

    And did she ever. "Long story short, I opened the bed side table drawer next to his bed, which had a clear jar in it with four used tampons in it," she shared. "Obviously at this point I froze, trying to find a logical explanation as to why they could be there."

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  • When he got back, she confronted him. And he admitted to SECRETLY stealing them from his ex.

    Of course, when she first hit him with the news she had unearthed his secret pleasure jar, the guy tried to turn it around on her. "He really went off at me about snooping...but eventually said that they were his ex's tampons, and that he's got a thing for periods," she wrote. 

    But then it somehow managed to get even nastier. "The worst part is she doesn't even know," she wrote. "He used to fish them out [of] the bin to keep so that he could look at them later." 

  • Obviously, she broke up with him on the spot. But she still has a problem: Should she tell the ex about his stolen keepsakes?

    Despite the breakup, this guy's dirty deed is still weighing heavily on the woman. "Do I tell his ex what I found? I know who she is and I feel like I have some sort of responsibility to tell her," she wrote. 

  • Some people didn't hesitate in advising her not to say a word to the tampons' owner.

    "I personally wouldn't want to know but that is because there would be nothing that I could do about it," one person wrote. "I couldn't call the police and say 'my ex is keeping my used tampons, please arrest him' so I would be better off just not knowing."

    "I mean she had the misfortune of dating him. I'm pretty sure she knows he's a creep," another person pointed out.

  • Others just couldn't get past the craziness of the situation and are seeing red. 

    "This may be what started the phrase 'red flag,' no?" another person joked. 

    "I cant express the physical recoil I had to reading this. GET OUT BEFORE YOUR NEXT CYCLE," another user added. 

  • But many people felt strongly that she NEEDS to speak up and tell the ex. 

    "Keeping things that were once a physical part of someone else constitutes stalking them, doesn't it? Perhaps not legally, but definitely according to most of the people I know," another user commented. "Plus, if he's saving her tampons, chances are he's willing to go further than that."

  • Either way, based on his secret behavior, people were simply creeped out and worried about both women's safety. 

    "Like everyone else said, holy fuck girrrl get away from this guy! That straight up sounds like something out of a horror movie, DON’T find out how far down the rabbit hole goes. Stay safe!!" someone else added. 

  • No matter what she decides, it's a good thing that this woman discovered his fetish sooner rather than later -- and had the choice to run for the hills.