Man Finds Out That Tinder Date Can't Go Out Because She's in the Hospital -- Giving Birth



There are bad Tinder dates and then BAD Tinder dates, but possibly the rudest thing a person can do is flake on an upcoming plans without an exceptionally valid excuse. Just ask one man on the Internet, whose online interest couldn't go out for the night for a pretty good reason: She was in the hospital -- giving birth. Obviously he screen grabbed the message and posted it on Twitter, where people went absolutely nuts.

  • The hilarious Tinder message was posted online by Brad Galloway, after his date revealed that she wasn't able to go out.

    In a post from December 31 that has since been deleted, Brad shared a screenshot of a hilarious message that was sent to him by a girl he was chatting up on the popular dating app.

    "No fun this tinder sh*t," he wrote in his caption.

    After checking in on his lady interest's New Year Eve's plans, Brad was hit with a surprise. Not only was she pregnant but also she was actively delivering the baby while chatting him up. And her biggest complaint? Not being able to go out that night.

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  • People online were absolutely besides themselves with how strange the whole situation was.

  • Some were laughing at how the woman said she was "gutted" about not being able to to have a night out.

  • Sucks when your plans have to be canceled because you're about to have a baby, right?

  • And someone else posted this hilarious picture that accurately summed up the weirdness that is Tinder.

    We can assume that Brad probably didn't know that the woman was pregnant from her profile, but we have to give her props for not letting pregnancy stop her from slaying the online dating game.