20 Perfect Places to Get Engaged in Disney World (Besides Cinderella's Castle)

Megan Zander | Jan 3, 2019 Love & Sex
20 Perfect Places to Get Engaged in Disney World (Besides Cinderella's Castle)

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For many little girls, getting engaged to their own Prince Charming in Disney World in front of Cinderella's Castle is the ultimate romantic daydream. But as adults, we realize that making that dream a reality means the proposal will take place with approximately 7,657 people around, not counting crying children. For some, the noise and strangers don't take away from what is still an amazing lifetime memory. But others might decide the Cinderella Castle proposal isn't the quiet, romantic moment they'd hoped for. 

Or perhaps a couple is totally cool with getting engaged in front of a huge crowd (anyone who travels to Disney World kinda has to be OK rubbing elbows with tons of strangers right?) but feels like dishing up that big "YES!" in front of Cinderella Castle is exactly what everyone's expecting, and they want to break outside the fairy tale mold a little. 

Or maybe the person who's about to get bedazzled with an engagement ring knows a proposal is coming her way soon, and so it's time to come up with something that's totally perfect and fit for a Disney princess, but will still be a complete surprise when it happens. 

Whether the plan is to stage a proposal that's a private moment shared between two people or something that's going to make parkgoers stop and cheer on the way to Space Mountain, there are tons of great spots to get engaged in Disney World. We've rounded up 20 fabulous places to get engaged in Disney World besides the iconic castle. From unusual and quirky to super romantic, get ready to start a happily ever after. 

  • Kingdom Crossing


    With its glowing sun lanterns and Rapunzel's tower off in the distance, this colorful spot is a great place to take the relationship to the next level.

  • Splash Mountain


    Ask if they'll take the big plunge right before taking the big plunge down Splash Mountain for a truly heart-pounding proposal. 

  • Victoria Gardens


    These beautiful gardens in the Canada pavilion at Epcot offer a great backdrop for "OMG look at my ring!" photos. 

  • The West Wing


    Book a reservation for lunch or dinner at Be Our Guest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom and vow to be together forever as a petal falls from the enchanted rose. (The grand ballroom is right next door if the mood for a celebratory spin around the floor strikes!)

  • Italy Courtyard


    Let love take center stage by proposing in the middle of a raised, round courtyard on Epcot's Italy pavilion surrounded by beautiful buildings. Perhaps the romance of it all will inspire a honeymoon destination?

  • Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant


    For the couple who loves all things retro, grab a car in this "drive-in movie theater" restaurant in Hollywood Studios and ask the big question while snuggling close and watching vintage horror movie clips. 

  • Arusha Rock Overlook


    Leave the cartoon animals behind and travel over to the Arusha Rock Outlook at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. Here, live zebras and giraffes can witness a quiet, personal proposal. (Do it at sunset for extra wow factor!)

  • Main Street Vehicles


    Start off a day in the Magic Kingdom with a moment to remember forever by proposing while taking a ride down Main Street, USA, in an old-fashioned car. 

  • Yacht and Beach Club Resort


    With swaying palm trees, white lights reflecting off the lake, and a gorgeous lighthouse, this quiet spot at Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resorts is a great place for a surprise romantic proposal. 

  • Tower of Terror


    We know anything with the word "terror" seems like the opposite of a great place to propose. But this Hollywood Studio takes an on-ride video, providing forever evidence of those happy screams (and the scared ones). 

  • Magic Carpets of Aladdin


    Ask that special person to share a whole new world while taking in a bird's eye view of the park. Bonus points for singing the proposal. 

  • The Beach at Disney's Polynesian Resort


    Grab a swing and talk about the future with Cinderella's Castle off in the distance beyond the sparkling water. Then take a knee in the white sand and let those feelings flow. It's sure to be a "Yes!'

  • Coral Reef


    For a classic restaurant proposal that's still outside the box, try Epcot's Coral Reef for a special proposal. It's like is like eating inside a giant, romantic aquarium. 

  • The Haunted Mansion


    Hold each other close inside a Doombuggy, then exit the ride toward this haunted carriage photo op. They'll never suspect what's about to happen, and Disney photographers are usually on hand, making it easy to get a photo of the "foolish mortals'" proposal. 

  • Cinderella's Wishing Well


    Take the beloved to this quiet spot next to the iconic castle to grant them the ultimate wish of a sparkly diamond ring and a fiance. 

  • France Fountain


    Day or night, the bubbling fountain at the entrance to Epcot's France pavilion makes a beautiful spot for a picturesque proposal. 

  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid


    The queue line to the Magic Kingdom's Little Mermaid-themed ride is filled with flowing waterfalls, hidden corners, and glittery rocks -- making it a great backdrop when pausing for a moment to ask that important question. 

  • Narcoossee's


    Time the reservation at Narcoossee's at the Grand Floridian Resort just right, and fireworks from the Magic Kingdom will be the background of the proposal. How's that for magical?

  • Star Tours 


    Hollywood Studio's Star Tours ride is the best place for two nerds in love to get engaged. Pop the question in the shadow of at AT-AT or do just before blasting off on a trip to a far-off galaxy.

  • Future World


    For a proposal photo that's totally frame-worthy, ask them in front of the Epcot fountains in Future World in front of SpaceShip Earth. Disney photographers are nearly always on hand to take some snaps, and the crowd is sure to go wild. 

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