Couple Stops Wedding to Make Guests Go Shopping at Target for an Amazing Reason

Target wedding

One of the hardest parts about wedding planning is coming up with something that will be original and not boring. Well for one couple from Orlando, Florida, their nuptials is not only surely one of the most unique weddings we've ever seen, but it's also one of the most generous. That's because Brad and Jessica Bond took all of their wedding guests to their local Target and asked them to pick out gifts for needy kids that they could donate to Toys For Tots. With this unique plan, they were inviting guests to participate in a tradition of giving that the couple has held since their very first date.

  • It was Brad who first came up with the unusual wedding reception idea but wasn't sure if his fiancée would be down to do something a little untraditional.

    Speaking with WSAV, he explained that on their first date seven years ago, he and Jessica went to Target to buy toys to donate. They've made an annual trip to Target to buy gifts to donate to Toys For Tots on their anniversary every year since. 

    The first time Brad took Jessica to Target, he remembered that she gave him a crazy look "and that's when I explained 'my parents had always made Christmas special for me.'" Brad knew that Jessica was the one, which is exactly why he wanted to start a tradition of giving that they continued every year of their relationship. 

    As their wedding day approached, Brad had a thought about the big day and he hoped that Jessica would agree. Brad wanted to bring all of their wedding guests to Target so that they could shop as a group and buy toys for kids in need, just like they did on their first date.

    "I asked her, and she immediately lit up and was all about it," Brad told Spectrum 13. "And if I didn't know I had the woman of my dreams before, that cemented it."

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  • On their wedding day, 100 guests entered Target with an envelope that held a $10 gift card provided by Brad and Jessica. 

    After the couple said 'I Do' to each other on Saturday and had their first dance, they announced to guests that the next part of their celebration would be a little different.

    "On our anniversary, we go and we shop for Toys for Tots, and we donate it," he told guests. “So today on our wedding day, we want to start our wedding in the same way, but we want all of you to join us.”

    They then handed out gift cards to their guests and headed over to the super store in Kissimmee, Florida. Guests were delighted that they were able to do something to give back while they watched their friends cement their love and spent much more than the $10 they were allotted. Target even donated a shopping cart full of toys on behalf of the newly married couple. 

  • Speaking of his nontraditional nuptials, Brad said it was all worth it as long as they made kids "smile on Christmas."

    And his new wife told WFTV 9, that at the end of the day she feels lucky because of the man she married. 

    “I absolutely love it,” Jessica said. “I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.”

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