Mom's 'Controversial' Message About Finding Joy in Housework Is Getting People Heated

Lori Alexander
Facebook/The Transformed Wife

Many across the Internet are getting heated after one wife's post about "doing housework joyfully, even if their husbands never lift a finger" has many questioning just exactly which century she thinks she's living in. The mom posted a photo of her handwritten message to other moms on her Facebook page, thinking her wise words might help other women. But instead, she was met with some serious haters who called out her "sexist" belief system and are arguing over the ideals she was trying to promote.

  • The drama started when blogger Lori Alexander posted a message to her Facebook page ... and it wasn't met with pure enthusiasm.

    On on her public page, The Transformed Housewife, the grandmother and mother of four wrote a controversial message where she encouraged women to do their housework "joyfully" despite a world that wants us to focus on "fairness, 50/50, equality, + rights."

    "Make his life easy + as happy as you can!" she continued.

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  • People online thought that perhaps this sentiment was a bit much.

    Although Lori seems to be basing her message off of her interpretation of the Bible, people felt like that was only one way to understand what was written and that Lori's thinking was generally pretty outdated.

  • One person pointed out what she believed was flawed thinking on Lori's part. 

  • Someone else chimed in reminding her that some women don't have the "privilege" to not work and only serve their husbands.

  • And this man used the cold, hard fact that sharing domestic work actually makes marriages stronger.

    In fact, according to a Pew Research Center poll published by The Atlantic, "sharing household chores was in the top three highest-ranking issues associated with a successful marriage -- third only to faithfulness and good sex."

    The report added that 62 percent of the adults polled said that sharing household chores "is very important to marital success."

    "There were no differences of opinion reported between men and women, between older adults and younger adults, or between married people and singles," the article explained. 

  • But not everyone saw Lori's post as controversial. Some people agreed with the mom and were firmly Team L.

  • One person saw Lori's teachings as a gesture of humility.

  • "You husband comes first, always," someone else agreed.

  • "My husband deserves it," someone else wrote.

  • Lori followed up her original post and said if you don't like her message, you don't have to look.

  • The grandmother continued on to say that she's not bothered by the haters. 

    "One of my purposes in writing is to encourage Christian women to think twice before blindly following along with the flow of modern culture and the feminists’ dogma," she added in a post that has reached more than 1K likes online. 

    "My 'classroom' is a voluntary one, and any reader can choose not to read what I write if they are not interested in learning from my study and experience," she added.

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