Bride Demands Dress Code By Guests' Weight & It Explodes From There



A bride-to-be is getting blasted after her insane demands for her wedding party's dress code was leaked online and went viral. Her message to these beloved guests wasn't just typical bridal-party specifics. It's so detailed that the future bride even broke down what guests should wear based on their weight. Obviously, this is a pretty rude demand to make of your guests, which is why someone from the wedding's Facebook group she made to communicate with everyone secretly took a screenshot of the message and anonymously posted it online.

  • The drama started after the demanding bride-to-be posted a message to the members of her bridal party.

    The woman, who has yet to be revealed, obviously never expected one of her close friends or family members to publicly out her for the the bridezilla that she is. But her message was so outrageous that someone couldn't help but share it on Reddit.

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  • Things only got worse when the woman broke down the dress code by friends' weight.

    Apparently to this lady, there are four categories of people: women under 160 pounds, women over 160 pounds, men under 200 pounds, and men over 200 pounds. Yikes.

    She also demanded that her guests wear real Christian Louboutin high heels (the most basic style of which cost about $695) and Burberry scarves (which also run about $430) ... in Hawaii ... on the beach ... most likely in the summer. And I say this again: yikes.

  • If that weren't enough, she also wanted guests to spend at least $1,000 on their outfits.

    "This includes jewelry, accessories, make-up, and hair," she explained. "Remember ladies and gents, this wedding is 24K themed for a reason."

  • Online, people were FLABBERGASTED about the bride's list of demands.

  • "Holy f**kballs," one person wrote.

  • And another person pointed out that these outfit choices seem like they're going to be a "hot sweaty mess."

  • Someone else hysterically did a quick mock-up of what these preposterous outfits would look like IRL.

    Inquiring minds want to know, what exactly is a "soda hat?"

  • Well, apparently, the bride caught wind that the Internet was making fun of her because she responded in a totally sane, not crazy way.

  • She asked all of her friends to take a polygraph tests.

  • "I highly suggest whoever did this just tell. I won't retaliate," she says (though we doubt that, TBH).

    She assures her guests that if any part of the dress code makes them unhappy, "you can come talk to me." 

    And then kindly offers to let her guests -- who are already paying $1,000 for their outfits, money to fly to Hawaii, and will probably have to humiliatingly let everyone at the wedding know how much they weigh by what they end up wearing to the ceremony -- clean up, take video (for free), or "contribute to the honeymoon."

  • And then the bride goes full on cuckoo.

    "My (future?) husband and I are certified spiritual healers with over ten years of experience," she wrote. "Our wedding colors, fabrics, and intimate synchronized dance are something we hold very dear to our hearts."

    Um, OK.

    "Would you show up at an Indian persons wedding and make fun of their culture and tradition?"

    That's not the same thing.

    "If not, don't judge ours," she ends.

  • In the end, this whole thing has spiraled so far out of control that it's hard to keep up with everything.

    This woman has worn me out.

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