40 Wintry Wedding Cakes for a Snow Bride

Ashley Austrew | Dec 7, 2018 Love & Sex
40 Wintry Wedding Cakes for a Snow Bride

naked winter wedding cake

Summer and fall are the traditional seasons for getting married, and it's really not hard to see why. Couples love taking their gorgeous wedding photos in stunning fields of wildflowers or with a backdrop of colorful gold and red leaves. Plus, fall and summer weddings often lend themselves to pretty cakes with fresh flowers or adorable woodland themes. Spring is another favorite for weddings, when everything is just starting to bloom. But there's another season that makes for stunning wedding decor, dreamy decorations, and fabulous cakes -- one that's often overlooked. Everything looks prettier when it snows, so why not turn a wedding into a winter wonderland?

Winter weddings are spectacular because they are so versatile. In December, winter weddings can take on a homey holiday vibe. In January or February, they can showcase the delicate beauty of ice and snow. Winter weddings have dramatic colors, sparkle, charm, and it's possible to make almost any color scheme work.

The centerpiece of every winter wedding -- and let's be honest, of pretty much any wedding ever -- is the wedding cake. Wedding cakes are a chance for couples to show off their creativity, style, and taste. They can be minimalist and understated or bold, bright, and over the top. Wedding cakes are as unique as the couples themselves, and there's seemingly no limit to the incredible feats bakers can pull off while designing and making them. Here, we've gathered 40 incredible examples of the most elegant and beautiful winter wedding cakes. From rustic and traditional to colorful and chic, there's a perfect wedding cake on this list for every kind of winter bride and groom.

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