Woman Brilliantly Scared Off a Creepy Dude in the Weirdest Way Imaginable


street harassment

It doesn't matter if you're shaking what your mama gave you or if you're running to work in a parka -- street harassers do not discriminate. Hurriedly walking away is every woman's go to, but when harassers become aggressive in their pursuits, it can be hard to know how to react. 

However, one bad*ss Reddit user might have the best advice: Bark like a b*tch -- literally. 

  • Redditor frickinwutcarl learned that the hard way after an intoxicated man repeatedly grabbed her while she was out. 

    She decided to throw him off entirely by literally barking in his face. 

    "He starts walking after me and I see him reaching for me again, so I just faced him and started barking, as loudly and aggressively as I can. Literally like a dog would. I don’t even know why I chose to, I just wanted to do something outrageous to make him back off and think I’m crazy or something.

    It worked. The look on his face was priceless. He just turned around and walked away, it was awesome."

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  • People praised her for her quick thinking. 

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  • And others offered their own "crazy" strategies.

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  • Ladies, take no sh*t. 

    Although you should always do whatever you feel is safest, just remember that you may have the power to thwart weirdos if you get a little creative.