After First Meeting at Target, This Couple's Engagement Shoot Is Everything

Target Engagement Photos
Opal & Onyx Photography

Every love story has to have its own beginning. Some people meet in English class, whereas others have their meet-cute moment at the office. For Kacie Howell and Michael Bauer, their love story begins at the happiest place on earth, and we're not talking about Disney World. The two met at the Target in Frisco, Texas, and if their new engagement photos prove anything, it's that the big red bullseye has a special place in their hearts. The couple recently shared their brilliant Target-themed photo shoot, and the internet is decidedly smitten over the creative and unique idea.

  • Kacie tells us that she met her soon-to-be husband while working at Target.

    "We came up with the idea because we had both started working at Target together in 2015," Kacie tells CafeMom. The now-couple started working at the mega-store about a week apart from each other, before the holiday season, so of course that meant a lot of late nights and staff bonding. 

    "That’s the place where our relationship really began," Kacie says.

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  • So of course when the couple got engaged on July 27, everyone knew exactly where they should take their engagement photos.

    Although some people would have pushed for more traditional photos, Kacie and Michael both have a good sense of humor. Kacie, who now works as a teacher, says that he was completely on board for the goofy shoot.

     "It did not take any convincing to get [Michael] to do it at all," she says. "Our friends, family and coworkers had been joking about it for months and it was something we both thought would be fun and a good way to show our story!"

    "He loved it as much as I did," she adds.

  • Working with a photographer, the couple shot in the store when it wasn't crowded, waiting until there was no one around to get the perfect photos.

    Bailey Blair from Opal & Onyx Photography chose all of the shots, and Kacie completely credits her with having the vision to make her dream come to life.

    "We just wanted to have fun and I trusted her with everything," Kacie shares. "She is absolutely amazing and I’m so thrilled we have her as our wedding photographer as well."

  • The couple's old HR manager even got in on the fun, making them their own custom "Bride" and "Groom" badges.

    Kacie says that as soon as the couple decided to move forward with the shoot, she called her HR boss and discussed the idea of making custom badges.

    "She was so excited to get us the badges," Kacie remembers. "We still have our original badges that we wore there but decided it would be fun to have these custom ones instead!"

    And on the day of the shoot, the bride-to-be says that some of their friends were working at the store, "so it was a lot of fun to talk to them in between shots."

  • Online, people mostly have gone nuts over the creative photo shoot, although not everyone appreciates Kacie and Michael's genius.

    "The reactions have been mostly positive," the teacher says. "We’ve received a lot of stories from people about how they met their spouse while working at Target as well, which has been really neat to hear."

    But of course, it's the Internet, so there is bound to be haters. 

    "We’ve had a little bit of backlash though, where people think this idea is “dumb” and comments about our hair, outfits, poses and other things," she adds. "Some comments are tough to read, but we’ve had some pretty thick skin for the most part." 

  • Mostly, the couple is just excited to spend the rest of their lives together.

    Kacie says that she and Michael will be getting married in the mountains of Colorado next summer, but they "do not really plan on incorporating Target into that!" 

    "We’ve talked about giving Target gift cards to our guests, but that’s the only target incorporation we have thought of," she jokes. "Our wedding has a lot of romantic, nature-inspired details, and our color palette is very soft! No red here!"