20 Must-Do Activities to Add to a Relationship Bucket List

Kelly Bryant | Oct 30, 2018 Love & Sex
20 Must-Do Activities to Add to a Relationship Bucket List

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Between work, kids, and everything else life throws our way, it can be difficult to maintain any sort of focus on the relationship that inspired much of the chaos in the first place. It's not uncommon to feel as though romantic partners are ships passing in the night as each person attempts to do their part to navigate the day-to-day routine. Even trying to binge watch something together on Netflix can feel like a challenge, with each person guessing who will be the first to fall asleep on the couch before the end of the first episode. Building in couple time isn't easy, but there are some ways to make it more interesting.

For starters, come up with a "bucket list" of sorts including couple activities that (hopefully) appeal to both partners. Or, add a few items that are in each person's individual wheelhouse that may just help the other feel more connected to them after giving the activity a try. That could mean hitting up a cooking class if one person is a Julia Child while the other is a would-be contestant on Worst Cooks in America. Maybe it's writing own that dream trip sans kids that feels like a far-fetched idea (but could totally happen).

Coming up with the list of activities is an activity in and of itself for two people who love each other. And try not to add too much pressure surrounding the list. Rome wasn't built in a day and accomplishing every single mini adventure won't happen in 24 hours, either. But hatching a plan is the first step to spending more time together. And that's the whole point, isn't it?

  • Road Trip


    Secure a sitter for a weekend trip away. Don't plan ahead, just hop in the car and go! Who gets to be spontaneous anymore? This is the chance to be freewheelin'!

  • Make an Expensive Dinner Reservation


    Finally book a table at the most formal restaurant in town and go all out. If this place has a kids' menu in any way, shape, or form, it most definitely doesn't count.

  • Build Something


    This may sound like relationship sabotage, but build something together. It can be ambitious, like a piece of furniture, or something relatively simple. Teamwork makes the dream work, and looking at that creation is a reminder that together anything is possible.

  • Bring Sexy Back


    Mornings too chaotic and evenings too tiresome to get it on? Schedule an afternoon rendezvous back at the homestead for a sexy retreat when the house is clear and kids are at school.

  • Enjoy a Staycation


    Remember what the city or hometown was like before having kids? Probably not. Book a local hotel room, even if just for one night, and spend 24 hours doing fun couple things around the neighborhood.

  • Hit a Theme Park


    Head to a theme park or amusement park as a couple without the kids. No strollers, no whining, no negotiations on what to ride. Just pure fun.

  • Buy Concert Tickets


    Stop putting off seeing that favorite musician live because there's never a convenient time to get out of the house. The next time a beloved tour comes through time, get the tickets and worry about who will watch the kids later!

  • Face a Fear Together


    Everyone's at least a little fearful of something. Get out of those comfort zones and think outside the box for an activity that is totally not something that would typically make the list of fun things to do. Circus school? Ziplining? The sky is the limit.

  • Cook Something Complicated


    It's easy to fall into a dinner rut at home. Plan a meal that only an accomplished chef might attempt, and make it together.

  • Plan a Couple's Halloween Costume


    Even if Halloween costumes aren't usually in the plans, think ahead for a coordinating costume with the SO. It could be cute or creepy -- decide together!

  • Go On a Cost-Free Date


    Get crafty for a cost-free date night. This could mean using up a restaurant gift card that's been lying around the house or seeking out free local events. Either way, find a way to have fun on the cheap.

  • Check Out an Escape Room


    Escape rooms are showing no signs of going away any time soon. Work as a couple to escape one of these living puzzles before time runs out!

  • Give Back Together


    Get involved with a volunteer project together. Spending time together while helping the community is one amazing feeling.

  • Write Each Other a Love Letter


    Sometimes it's hard to verbalize the way we feel about another person. The letters can be short and sweet or a sweeping romantic gesture. Either way, share those feelings about one another on paper. Save them for posterity.

  • Make Each Other 'Mixtapes'


    Everything old is new again and it's actually possible to find cassette recorders/players and cassette tapes to craft the classic mixtape. Not ready to take a trip in the wayback machine? Create a playlist for one another online with an array of songs that are reminders of why the relationship works.

  • Digital Detox Together


    Agree to a mutual 24-hour digital detox. No phones, computers, or screens of any kind. It's a test of willpower, for sure, but one that should be easier when it's faced as a couple.

  • Plan a Backyard Movie Night For Two


    One way to actually make it through an entire movie without falling asleep from exhaustion is to create the perfect ambience. Set up an outdoor movie theater in the backyard and watch a favorite flick under the stars.

  • Walk Down Memory Lane


    Recreate the first date or revisit the location of the first meeting for a little walk down memory lane. If those places don't exist anymore for one reason or another, visit another spot that meant a lot at the beginning of the relationship.

  • Take a Class Together


    The couple that learns together, loves together. OK, so that's cheesy. But, seriously, unless a couple goes all the way back to school days, chances are they've never experienced what the other one is like in a learning environment. Pick up a new language or pursue some other endeavor together.

  • Plan the Dream Vacation


    It's time to finally start planning that vacation that seems like a far-fetched dream. Even if it isn't possible to take right away, start fact-finding about the location so that everyone is ready when it's time to fly.

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