This Bride Dumped Her Fiancé 1 Week Before the Wedding & Gave it to Someone Else


woman donates wedding

Kolbie Sanders, a 24-year-old student at the University of Texas at Tyler, made the tough decision to break things off with her fiancé after spending four years together. But, as hard as breakups are, Kolbie tuned her difficult situation into a blessing for someone else. 

  • Kolbie took to Facebook to announce that she would be giving away her already paid for $3,500 wedding venue. 

    "With my engagement ending, I’ve come to find tremendous peace in knowing that I did the right thing for the both of us," she wrote on Facebook. "With that being said, now I want to do the right thing by others and let some good come out of this decision."

    Kolbie, who broke up with her fiancé after they simply fell out of love, shared that she only had 24 hours to find a couple to get married at the Belle Vue wedding venue and they would need to be ready to get married on the date the venue was booked for -- which was only a week away! 

    "I have partnered with the venue and they are on board with this decision and we are both excited to see if we can help a couple in need of making their wedding that much more beautiful with a free venue," she wrote. 

    The post was shared more than 4,000 times.

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  • After sorting through hundreds of messages, Kolbie narrowed the list to 45 and drew the winner's name on Facebook Live. 

    The winner was 22-year-old Halie Hipsher of Canton, Texas. 

    Halie, an insurance worker and mother of one, shared that her grandfather, Edwin Truett Hipsher, 81, is suffering from pancreatic cancer and doesn't have long to live. By winning this wedding, her grandpa will be able to see her get married. 

  • Halie recently gushed about her excitement on social media and thanked everyone for their donations and efforts. 

    Halie wrote on Facebook:

    "Went today to check out the venue!! It is so beautiful, and thank you so much for helping get a wedding coordinator to help out! Beyond grateful for everything! And huge thank you for everyone that is donating things to make our huge day possible! And I give credit to this amazing woman that has the biggest heart! I will also make a post with everyone that has helped out!"

  • Halie will marry her fiancé, Matthew Jones, on Saturday, and Kolbie will be the guest of honor. 

    According to Daily Mail, Kolbie said, "She invited me and I am going to the wedding. I wanted to see it followed through. I want to see her get married. It will make me feel complete."

    This is truly a sweet story and we wish them all the best! We're sure Halie and Matthew's wedding will be wonderful!