Wedding Planner Fires Back at the 'Bridezilla' Who Burned Her & It's Brutal

Serhii Sobolevskyi/iStock

Serhii Sobolevskyi/iStock

With how stressful weddings can be, and all of the expectations that people usually have for them, we can only imagine how hard it is to be a wedding planner. Many couples have unrealistic expectations, which seems to be what led to one fiery Facebook encounter between a bride and her wedding planner. 

  • Georgia-based events planning company, LB Events & Promotions, defended its services on Facebook after a client left a poor review on its page. 

    As reported by, an unnamed bride wrote on the Facebook page:

    "They suck and are so rude!! They rushed us to do the bouquet toss when we weren’t even ready to do it yet!! Ughhhh!!! Save yourself some stress and choose someone else!!”

    However, the company had A LOT to say in response. 

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  • According to the company, the "disaster of a wedding" had an extremely limited time slot for the reception and the bride showed up over an hour late. 

    “We were going to let your disaster of a wedding slide but since you decided to initiate a negative comment, we are certainly willing to reply,” the company fired back. “Until your wedding rolled onto our calendar we have never had to deal with such an incompetent, discourteous and evasive bride/groom/client etc… and never have felt that getting paid was going to be an issue again until we were graced with your wedding.”

    The wedding planner explained that they were only given a time slot of 4-6 p.m. for the wedding reception. The bride and groom didn't arrive until 5:17 p.m. 

    “That left you with 43 minutes for first dances, dinner, five speeches from bridesmaids and cake cutting and sparklers during daylight (I reiterate incompetent),” the post read.

  • The post then brought up the fact that the bride has not paid the wedding planners.

    "I don't know anyone who works for free, and we most certainly do not as our time is valuable and you were educated thoroughly on what to expect from us," the company continued. "Feel free to unlike our page." 

    Later, the bride responded one last time. She wrote: "Hahaha!! This is so incorrect!! You're a little b*tch."

    After the post went viral, the company has since deleted its Facebook page

  • Other people's comments on the post revealed mixed thoughts about whether or not the company's response was appropriate. 

    In screenshots obtained by Bored Panda, many people thought the company's response was justified. 

    "I don't understand how some people have no shame. Why comment if you didn't even pay the venue..." wrote one Facebook user. 

    Another wrote, "She should have just left it. That pissant reply is just validation at this point." 

    However, some questioned the professionalism of the business.

    “Defend your business, sure. But there was no need to make personal attacks,” a Facebook user wrote.

    While another shared, "I hope your boss understands how unprofessional this looks..."