This Fed Up Mom Is Hiring a Nanny to Teach Her Husband & Kids to Do Chores


lazy husband

Many wives and mothers know what it's like to have a partner who just doesn't seem to do their fair share of housework. Well, one desperate mom-of-two has had enough! A woman in Birmingham, England, recently posted a job listing looking for an "after-school nanny"/ to teach her husband and sons how to do chores.

  • The woman took to the UK site Childcare to post the job requirements. 

    In her post, she wrote, "I’ve been trying to get my husband to do his fair share of the housework for years now, and despite the fact I work as well, he always says he’s too tired when he gets home." 

    She said she's even started to question if her husband knows how to do certain things at all -- like laundry. 

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  • She continues to express concern that her husband's "bad attitude towards housework" is rubbing off on her kids. 

    "The boys are 11 and 9 and I can only recall once or twice where either of them has done the washing up since Christmas," she wrote. "I don’t want their future wives to have the same problem!"

  • "I also want the carer to teach my boys, including my husband, how to do the chores around the house," she wrote.  

    She shared that she is starting a new job and needs the new nanny to pick up her boys from school and then show them (and her husband) how to do things like cook, clean, wash clothes, put clothes away, and iron.

  • She is offering to pay £10 ($13) an hour for the Monday-Friday gig. 

  • She concluded her post by sharing that if her family would help out more around the house then they could spend more time together. 

    We are sure so many moms out there can relate! 

    Hopefully she finds some help and her plan works out.