This Woman Accidentally Sent the Most Embarrassing Text to Her Friend's Husband


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We have all had those awkward experiences when you click the wrong emoji or your autocorrect completely changes a few words and you hit send without even realizing it. Well, one woman is completely mortified after her phone went rogue and sent a pretty inappropriate text to her friend's husband

  • A woman recently took to the site Mumsnet to share with others her texting dilemma. 

    In the post, she begins the story by explaining how she had been hanging out with her friend and her friend's husband. She had briefly chatted with the husband about a particular film. 

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  • When she went to text him later on to say that she was watching the movie they had discussed, her phone had a slight glitch. 

    Instead of what she intended to say, the message read: "I want you." 

  • OH NO! 

  • Of course she apologized, but is still feeling "mortified." 

    She is also worried that what actually happened "doesn't sound very believable." 

  • And to make it worse, she responded to one of the comments saying that she doesn't think her friend would find it very funny. 

    That's pretty awkward! 

    Hopefully if her friend finds out then she will be cool about it. We would be totally embarrassed too! 

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