20 Women on Getting Over Their First Heartbreak

alone woman breakup

As Sheryl Crow once sang, "The first cut is the deepest." Does anyone care to disagree? Our first love is a thrilling whirlwind of emotions and experiences we've never had before. From our first kiss to, ahem, some other firsts, our first love often provides us with memories that last a lifetime. So, as Crow states, when that love severs and our hearts break, it can be pretty dang painful. Something so pure and wonderful suddenly turned dark and agonizing. But hey, we can't deny that just like how our first love helps us grow, so do our first heartbreaks. In fact our first heartbreaks can shape the way we deal with relationships for the rest of our lives!


In the beginning, our first heartbreaks can feel unshakable. How will I ever love again? Who will I ever love again? And in a way, they do shape the way we go about future relationships. But with time and some other stuff, we're able to somehow move past them, meet others, and enter future relationships. (However, one can argue that we never really get over our first love.)

So what's the magic trick? How can we get over our first heartbreak? Well, that's subjective. It totally depends on the person. 

Thankfully, we enlisted 20 women to share their lived experiences on getting over their first heartbreak. Some methods were a little more comical than others, while some might make you cringe. Each experience of loved loss is as unique as the way it blossomed. And everyone has their own way of dealing with it. Anyone who has ever experienced their first heartbreak will sympathize with these stories. 

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