Dad's Rant About Men Who Buy Women Flowers Should Be Required Viewing

Sean Whalen/Facebook; seanwwhalen/Instagram

sean whalen
Sean Whalen/Facebook; seanwwhalen/Instagram

When a guy is buying flowers, people often assume it is for a specific reason: a holiday, birthday, anniversary or because he messed up. Flowers can be a key way to apologize for making his partner angry and the bigger the bouquet, the bigger the crime. However, author and social media personality Sean Whalen is here to tell guys they need to do better than that -- and honestly, we are over here cheering. 

  • When Sean was out shopping at Costco, he decided to buy two bouquets of flowers -- and he was hit with assumptions while checking out.

    Sean took to Facebook to share a video of his disappointment in he fact the Costco worker had assumed such a thing. 

    In the video, Sean explained, "'You must have done something really bad to buy two bouquets of flowers,' the guy at Costco says to me." He then goes on to ask, "Fellas, what kind of f*cked up society are we creating? What kind of jacked up relationships are we building..." 

    After, he said that one bouquet was for his daughter and the other was for his girlfriend just because he wanted to "show them that I love them." 

    Then, a lady behind him in the store said, "I wish my husband thought like that..." 

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  • "You guys wait for a day on a calendar to tell you when to buy flowers. Think that through for a second," Sean says. 

    He then explains how many men will spend time and money on things they value -- like fishing poles and hunting rifles -- yet they don't invest in their relationships.

    "You want your princess, your daughter, to grow up and be a queen and be able to find a good man, how about you be a good f*cking man?" he said in the video. "How about you show her? How about you treat her mother with respect?" 

  • "Fellas, what you value, you invest in," the father of three adds. 

    He then explains that ladies don't really care about the flowers, they care about the "thought process that you go through when you spend $5 or $7 on a bouquet of flowers." 

    He concludes his video by encouraging men to "step your game up." 

  • Check out his full video below! 

    We are definitely on board with this! 

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