This Woman Has Looked at Her Husband the Same Way for Over 40 Years

woman looks at husband same way

A woman on Reddit, who goes by rlhoffman on the site, recently shared three images of herself with her husband, all taken decades apart. In the photos, which have received over 1,000 comments, the woman can be seen with the same lovestruck gaze as the years have passed. 

  • Accompanying the photo collage, she wrote: "I've looked at him the same way since 1975."

    The first image was taken when the couple was dating in the 1970s. 

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  • The next photo shows them years later, dancing together. 

  • And the final shot is a more recent one. She still has the same blissful look on her face over 40 years later. 

  • Of course, fellow Reddit users are swooning! 

  • One person referred to her expression as "one of the many faces of true love."

  • Someone else called this kind of love "rare and beautiful." 

  • And the woman even responded with some words of wisdom for the commenters. 

  • She also confirmed that they are indeed still "madly" in love.

    It's so sweet, we can't handle it! Can you say #CoupleGoals?!