Women Are Tweeting About Their Worst Date Ever & It's Insane

Kayla Boyd | Sep 14, 2018 Love & Sex
Women Are Tweeting About Their Worst Date Ever & It's Insane
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women share worst date stories

Dating is hard. Whether we meet someone online, in person, or through a friend, there is always a chance for a first date to go horribly, horribly wrong. Of course not every guy or girl is going to be a total winner, and it may take a while to find a person who we click with, but sometimes the things that women endure during a date are so outrageous that they are actually comical -- maybe not in the moment, but definitely afterward. That is why when Twitter user @_ItsMissBre tweeted out "Ladies: tell me your worst date," she got PLENTY of insane responses. The viral tweet was posted last month and has since received more than 1,000 responses and almost 3,000 likes. 

The women telling their stories seriously make me consider being single for the rest of my life. Not only are they embarrassing (at best), but many of them are very problematic, kind of terrifying, or just plain disgusting. There are plenty of good guys out there, but for the most part the guys in these tweets are not it! From finding out their date is married, to having his mother tag along, to being in a high-speed car chase with his ex-girlfriend, these stories are so crazy that they could each be their own episode in a sitcom about the many DON'TS of dating. Ladies, remember to be safe when going on a first date. Let friends or family know what is going on, and if the situation feels uncomfortable then absolutely leave! Here are 20 terrible, yet hysterical epic first date fails. Not going to lie -- they make us lose hope a little bit, but they sure are entertaining! 

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