20 Staycation Ideas for Couples

Kayla Boyd | Aug 30, 2018 Love & Sex
20 Staycation Ideas for Couples
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couple staycations

Vacations can be really expensive and stressful to plan. And although traveling is amazing and we should all go away on vacations sometimes, it is not always feasible. That is why staycations can serve as the perfect solution for a long weekend or some unused vacation time. Having time alone with one's spouse or partner is essential to a healthy relationship. And although we understand that is not the simplest thing to do, it can be a little easier to get a babysitter for a night or two than a whole week. That is another reason why a romantic staycation may be exactly what a couple needs! 

A staycation can be easygoing, like watching movies together (dare I say, "Netflix and chill"), going out for some ice cream, or just taking some time to nap and cuddle for once! It can also be super creative, like going to an art class nearby, checking out a local museum, or having a spa night at home. Just unplugging and having meaningful conversation can be vital! Adventurous couples who like the outdoors may enjoy things like hiking, bike riding, or stargazing. And then of course their is always the foodie route of cooking together or wine and cheese tasting! All of these things can be done in one's own town and most of these options are extremely affordable! We encourage all couples to drop the kids off at grandma's for a weekend or let them stay the night with friends. We are sure a nice staycation is well-deserved! Here are 20 staycation ideas for every type of couple to enjoy! 

  • Movie Night 

    Movie Night
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    This is the probably the most basic choice on the list, but sometimes being basic is the best! Who doesn't love a good movie night? It can even be themed if a couple wants to do a marathon of scary movies, ’90s rom coms, action films, etc. 

  • Cook Dinner Together 

    Cook Together

    Of course cooking dinner usually feels like a chore, but it can be fun to prepare a nice meal as a team. Try making something new or combine favorite dishes. 

  • Spa Night 

    Spa Night

    A spa night could be super relaxing! Take a bath, light some candles, and give each other a massage and a facial. 

  • Go to a Local Museum 

    couple at museum

    There may be some pretty interesting museums close to home. Wander some galleries or exhibits together. 

  • At-Home Wine & Cheese Tasting 

    Wine & Cheese Tasting

    Buy some different wine and cheese samples and go to town! Do a quick search of which wines and cheeses pair well together and make a romantic evening of it. 

  • Unplug & Just Talk

    Unplug & Just Talk

    Unplugging is so necessary sometimes! Turn of phones and laptops and just sit together with some coffee. Meaningful conversation can go such a long way in a relationship. 

  • Go for a Walk Through the Park 

    couple on a walk

    Taking a nice long walk can be therapeutic and romantic. Get some fresh air and take a stroll though the local park together. 

  • Sleep!

    couple napping

    This may not sound like a romantic date night, but parents will totally appreciate this one! Don't set an alarm, take a long nap, do whatever necessary to get some much-needed shut eye. 

  • Go for a Hike 

    Go for a Hike

    For couples who enjoy a little bit of adventure, go hike a local trail! Hiking can be a great form of meditation, siteseeing, and exercise (of course). 

  • Go Shopping 

    couple Shopping

    This may not be everyone's favorite thing, but for a couple who shares a passion for exploring the latest trends, maybe hitting up the local mall kid-free would be fun. This idea would also work well for thrifting or antiquing. 

  • Barbecue & Eat Outside

    couple grilling

    Fire up the grill and have an intimate backyard barbecue. Enjoy the end of summer by cracking open a couple beers and eating outside.

  • Do Some Volunteer Work

    couple volunteering

    Getting out in the community and doing some meaningful charity work can be a nice way to bond and make memories together. Plant some trees, clean up the park, volunteer at a shelter, anything that one person (or both) is particularly passionate about. 

  • Stargaze 

    couple looking at stars

    Looking at the stars together may sound cliche, but it can actually be really adorable. Try to find different constellations and have a nice, long talk. 

  • Play Boardgames

    couple playing board game

    Have a tournament with different boardgames and card games. Loser has to do the dishes! 

  • Go on a Bike Ride 

    couple on bike ride

    Another cute outdoor activity is bike riding. Take a ride through the neighborhood or park together. 

  • Ice Cream Date 

    couple eating ice cream

    Go to a local ice cream parlor and go crazy! Try multiple flavors. Or make extreme sundaes right at home. 

  • Beach Day

    couple at the beach

    For couples who live near the beach, it's a great place to have day or evening together. Go for a walk, go swimming, and enjoy the view! 

  • Attend an Art Class

    Attend an Art Class

    Go to a painting or pottery class nearby. Some art classes even serve wine. And the couple can leave with art to hang in their home. 

  • Rent Kayaks

    kayaking couple

    For couples who live near a lake, many have kayaks or rowboats to rent. That can be a fun time and something different than a typical date night. 

  • Redecorate Part of the House

    couple painting house

    Some couples love interiors and redesigning their home together. Of course, don't do too much to the point where it's stressful, but maybe do some painting or rearranging as a team.